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e <br />As -Built (Fourth Reso.) <br />3/25/97(ENG)RES4.MAG\ktp <br />RESOLUTION NO. 99- 13 <br />A RESOLUTION OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY CERTIFYING "AS -BUILT" <br />COSTS FOR CERTAIN PAVING AND DRAINAGE IMPROVEMENTS TO <br />9"s COURT SW BETWEEN OSLO ROAD & 111" STREET SW, <br />DESIGNATED AS PROJECT NO. 9328, AND OTHER CONSTRUCTION <br />NECESSITATED BY SUCH PROJECT; PROVIDING FOR FORMAL <br />COMPLETION DATE, AND DATE FOR PAYMENT WITHOUT PENALTY <br />AND INTEREST. <br />WHEREAS. the Bard of County Comnttissionets of Indian Rives County <br />determined that the improvements described herein bene+f'ttcd the property located <br />within the boundaries as (described in this tide, detngnatesd as Peo§ect No. 932.8, aase in the put!& <br />intereg and promote the public welfare ofile county, and <br />WHEREAS, on November It 8997, the Board had a public hewing in the <br />Commission Clhambert .at s hicih time the owners of the property to be aesesi csd come afforded an <br />(opportunity to ,appear before the Board to be Ivan!' :as; to the prtiety .and ,adxiistt ilky atf znalirtg <br />such UN:m ovementst.; ,and <br />WHEREAS., atter ltudh Ipublic. Moaning ,was Ihdld the Coria C'ont+ iimii6sm ;t<ilol+ttsd <br />itesn'lution No. '97=14 , \w!hidh scorifnsmcd the slpcecitel :assessment (cost s6sf t)tte pnro}jcsct to the <br />property specially bet -termed by the project in the atntoutits Iinted rim ,att .n'ttrtcittwtnnt to ohm <br />resolution; and <br />VVIIIC3REA SS., the Director ctor (o1 Pad c Woits arts►, <curttrifurd rittrafull ' ii Posuilh''' ugssn <br />mow that the project has been (ctomlpiletted is I* t 4 7A on ,rigiurtre t£ojoit„ Ahtd'r us less thrin1110 1144741 <br />Ipet square Moot in the (confirming IIR a 1ution No 97.111 <br />NOW 7>1IIf.RItt ORL. HL 11' Ki$t)11, E.'i) Eft 11111: BOARD 0) COL?tr A' <br />,COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY. EiE,ORID. , thtto <br />/teseilution :No 971.1143 .is modified .at� t`oiiltittivs tlhe cwittiplctiw i cfltar 8stt hu.girat <br />No. 'Mt is dedlared (to be Eanutaq 6, WOO, and .the (lima ,dtay tthat ipal uncurl nit'). Il. <br />ttl`l1C anoy,t,x4 <br />interest and penalty tillages is ninety (90)days atiett Chis arctwiluritttt <br />Payments beat ittg interest at the tart' o1 "I Y'1% per annum ditay be made m <br />two nqual installments, the first to he made twe7lx K Ila months from the <br />1 <br />