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INDIAN RIVER COUNTY ORDINANCE NO. 73-6 <br />An Ordinance entitled "An Ordinance Amending Section 20. <br />C-1 Commercial District: of Indian River County Ordinance No. <br />71-3; providing minimum lot size and floor area requirements; <br />providing Residential dwellings as a special exception, and <br />providing an effective date. <br />BE IT ORDAINED, by the Board of County Commissioners <br />of Indian River County, Florida, that Section 20, Indian River <br />County Ordinance No. 71-3 is hereby amended to read as follows: <br />Section 20. C-1 COMMERCIAL DISTRICT: <br />(A) USES PERMITTED. In this district a building or premises <br />may be used only for the following purposes: <br />MPublic buildings and recreational facilities <br />Retail sales establishments, provided all merchandise <br />shall be stored and displayed in an enclosed building. <br />Retail sales establishments may include incidental pro- <br />cessing, repair and rental activities, provided they <br />are accessory and subordinate to the retail sale use, <br />and provided all storage, processing and repair of <br />merchandise occurs within the principal building <br />(3) Hotels, motels, bars, night clubs and restaurants but <br />not including drive-in eating places <br />(4) Banks and financial institutions <br />5) Professional, business and utilities offices and <br />services <br />(6) Medical clinics, but not animal hospitals <br />7) Art and photograph studios and galleries <br />8) Private Clubs <br />(9) Barber and beauty shops <br />(10) Shoe repair shops <br />11 Laundry and dry cleaning pick-up establishments; no <br />laundering or dry cleaning on the premises.. <br />(12) Motion picture and live theaters, but not including <br />drive-in theaters <br />(13) Tailoring, millinery, garment alteration and repair <br />(14) Churches <br />(15) Commercial and private parking lots and parking <br />garages <br />(16) Small appliance repair business <br />(17) Printing reproduction and publishing <br />18) Marinas <br />19) Bowling Alleys, pool and billard parlors <br />(20) Veterinary hospitals and boarding kennels provided <br />activities are carried on within soundproof, air- <br />conditioned buildings and no outside animal runs <br />are permitted <br />(21) Business schools <br />�22 Funeral homes, undertaking establishments <br />23� Automobile rental business, including truck or <br />trailer rentals <br />-ln- <br />