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INDIAN RIVER COUN'T'Y ORDINANCE 73-8 <br />AMENDING INDIAN RIVI?ll COUNTY ORDINANCE 71-3 <br />BE IT ORDAINED By the Board of County Commissioners of <br />Indian River County, Florida.- <br />That <br />lorida; <br />That Indian River County Ordinance 71-3 is hereby amended <br />as follows: <br />1. Section 2. Definitions: <br />ESSENTIAL SERVICES. The erection, construe - <br />tion, alteration or maintenance, by public utilities companies or muni- <br />cipal or other governmental agencies, of underground or overhead gas, <br />electrical, steam or water transmission or distribution systems, in - <br />.eluding poles, wires, mains, drains, sewers, pipes, conduits, cables, <br />fire alarm boxes, police call boxes, traffic signals, hydrants and <br />other similar equipment and accessories or buildings housing such <br />equipment, in connection therewith; reasonably necessary for the furn- <br />ishing of adequate service by such public utilities or municipal or other <br />governmental agencies or for the public health or safety or general <br />welfare. <br />2. Section 3. Districts and Boundaries Thereof. <br />PARAGRAPH E, except as hereafter provided• <br />1. No struct;.tre except essential services as <br />heretofore defined, shall be erected, constructed, reconstructed, or <br />structurally altered, nor shall any structure or land or combination <br />thereof, except essential services, be used unless the use to which the <br />structure and/or land is to be put is listed in the USES PERMITTED <br />section of the zone district in which the land is located and unless the <br />structure, land and/or use fully complies with all of the applicable <br />district regulations, except as allowed under Paragraph J. Section <br />25, General Provisions. <br />3. Section 25. Paragraph It: <br />ESSENTIAL SERVICES: Essential services <br />shall he pec-initted in any district, as authorized and regulated by law <br />and resolution:, of Indian sliver County, it being; the ircteution hereof <br />