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- <br />hl\11:I\1>1;;�; )i\Iii%1\ Itl\%lili C'OI1\;•1'1' �,'�� <br />OUDINA NCI•: NO. 71-3 <br />131. IT ORDAINED by flr^ Bo;i,rd of County C'oirunissionc) of <br />Indian );ivcr County, Florida, that the follo'rring section:: shall be added to Indian <br />River County Ordinance No. 71-3; <br />SECTION 4: (C) (6). Mobile h',urics are an -accessory use only <br />when the Wines are <br />(a) on laud which has been classified as agricultural <br />land for purposes of ad valorem tax assessment. <br />(b) mmed by the owner or lessee of the land. <br />(c) occupied wily by a full time employee of the owner <br />or lessee of the lend. <br />(d) in the opinion of the Zoning Commission necessary <br />for the operation of the agricultural use of the Land. <br />(e) placed on at Ieast. five (5) acres of land per home. <br />SECTION' 22. (L') (Q). A7obile homes are an accessory use only <br />when the homes are <br />(a) mmed by :BJP- cr.vrier or lessee of the land. <br />(b) occupied only by a ful) time employee of the ovtner <br />or lessee of the lana. <br />(c) in Vic opinion of the Zoning Conunissi.oa Necessary <br />for the operation of the industrial use of the land. <br />(d) placed on at ]east five (5) acres of land per home. <br />THIS AMENDAiENIT shall become effective Idovertber J3, 1973. <br />-_.v <br />