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(2) TERM OF OFFICE: The Board of Adjustment members <br />shall serve a term of two years or until a <br />successor is appointed and be removable by a <br />three-fifths vote of the Board of County Commiss- <br />ioners. Vacancies shall be filled for the <br />unexpired term of any member whose seat becomes <br />vacant. <br />(3) COMPENSATION: The Board of Adjustment members <br />shall serve without compensation but shall be <br />paid actual expenses incurred in the perform- <br />ance of their duties which expenses shall not <br />exceed allowances as prescribed by state law. <br />(4) MEETINGS: The Board of Adjustment shall organize <br />and adopt rules in accordance with the provisions <br />of any resolution or regulation of the Board of <br />County Commissioners. Meetings of the Board <br />shall be held at the call of the Chairman or <br />Secretary or at such other times as the Board <br />may determine. The Chairman, or in his absence, <br />the Acting Chairman may administer oaths and compel <br />the attendance of witnesses. All meetings shall <br />be open to the public. Three members of the <br />Board shall constitute a quorum and a majority vote <br />of those present shall determine any issue before <br />the Board. <br />This Ordinance shall become effective on the 7th day <br />of February, 1973. <br />-1E- <br />