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INDIAN RIVER COUNTY ORDINANCE <br />No. 74-10 <br />An Ordinance relating to Dune Protection, amend- <br />ing Indian River County Ordinance 79-B, to <br />provide restrictions for, the use of the 50 foot <br />construction setback, providing definitions and <br />providing exceptions and an effective date. <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY,:. FLORIDA, that Indian River County Ordinance <br />71_� is hereby amended by adding the following definitions to <br />Section 2: <br />Beach - <br />The word "beach" as used hereinafter means the <br />sandy area lying between the water line of the <br />Atlantic Ocean at mean low tide to a point west <br />thereof where the vegetation grows generally. <br />Natural Vegetation Line - <br />The point on the beach above mean high water <br />where rooted terrestrial vegetation exists. <br />Main Dune Bluff - <br />The seaward edge of the easternmost highest, <br />most prominent dune immediately west of the <br />vegetation line. This dune can be determined <br />by its continuous relationship to the main <br />dune line extending north and south from the <br />point of determination. <br />By substituting the following for Section 3, Paragraph 8: <br />8. A. Along the Atlantic Ocean, no building or man-made <br />structure, except as provided for herein, shall be located above or <br />below natural grade closer than 50 feet from the main dune bluff, <br />west of the natural vegetation line until a permanent construction <br />setback line shall be established by a survey by the State Department <br />of Natural Resources and duly approved accordingg to law. <br />B. Except as provided for herein, distrubance of the <br />bluff line or vegetation seaward of the construction setback line <br />is prohibited. <br />C. No roadway shall be allowed to cross the area <br />within the 50 foot construction setback, except at specified <br />locations, to be designated by Resolution of the Board of County <br />Commissioners. <br />12 <br />