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1 <br />INDI;-.A RIVER COUNTY ORDINANCE 74-17 <br />AN 0'.D711ANCS ENTITLED "AN ORDINANCE <br />AMENDING INDIAN RIVER COUNTY ORDINANCE <br />71-3 S-ECTION 23 A(1) BY CiiP %GIiFG ijIE <br />WORD "tea" TO "twenty" AND PROVIDING <br />AN EFFECTIVE DATE. <br />BE I^1 ORDnI:ED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY C0:•YISSIONERS <br />OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, That Indian River County <br />Ordinance 71-3, Section 23 A(1) is hereby amended to read <br />as follows: <br />SECTION 23, SITE PLAN APPROVAL <br />A(1). Before such site plan shall be <br />approved, an application for such ap- <br />proval shall be filed with the County <br />Administrator at least 20 days before <br />the meeting at which the Zoning Com- <br />mission considers the application. <br />This Ordinance to become effective the 1st <br />day of November 1974. <br />