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r <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY ORDINANCE NO. 74-24 <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />ORDINANCE 71-3, SECTION 10 B, PARAGRAPH D,MINIMUM <br />LOT SIZE AND FLOOR AREA REQUIRED AND <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA THAT Indian River County <br />Ordinance 71-3, Section 10 B, is hereby amended as follows: <br />I <br />Paragraph D is hereby amended by deleting said paragraph <br />and substituting the following: <br />(D) Minimum Lot and Floor Area Required. For the following <br />specific uses every lot or parcel of land on which <br />living quarters are located shall provide a living <br />quarters area and a land area of at least the amount <br />indicated: <br />Square feet of <br />of land area required <br />for (family) unit <br />No. of Dwellings <br />Single family <br />one story: <br />two story:first floor <br />Total <br />Two family <br />Three or more family <br />Square feet area <br />of living quarters <br />per (family) unit <br />750 or more <br />750 or mor <br />750 or more <br />750 or more <br />750 or more <br />10,000 <br />5,400 <br />5,400 <br />In computing the floor space as required above, the areas occupied i <br />by porches, patios, terraces, attached garages, carports, <br />covered parking spaces or non -roofed ares shall be excluded. <br />The minimum width of any lot used for single family dwelling <br />shall be eighty-five (85) feet; for a two or more family <br />dwelling one -hundred (100) feet. <br />TH S ORDT._:ANCE SKALL TAKE EFFECT ON December 1, 1974. <br />