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INDIAN RIVER COUNTY ORDINANCE NO. 77- 2 <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING INDIAN RIVER COUNTY ORDINANCE <br />72-1, BY AMENDING THE ZONING CATEGORY KNOWN AS C -1A <br />RESTRICTED COMMERCIAL DISTRICT BY DELETING A-8 MEDICAL <br />CLINIC BUT NOT ANIMAL HOSPITAL AND RENUMBERING PERMITTED <br />[}SES A-9 THROUGH A-17, REFLECTING SAID DELETION AND <br />ADDING TO SUB SECTION B of SECTION 19 AN ADDITIONAL <br />SPECIAL EXCEPTION, i.e.,(B) (7) MEDICAL CLINIC BUT NOT <br />ANIMAL HOSPITAL <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, that Indian River County Ordinance <br />72-1 Section 19 - C -1A Restricted Commercial District is hereby <br />amended by deleting sub -section A-8 and renumbering A-9 through <br />A-17 as set out below aid further adding (7) Medical Clinic <br />but not Animal Hospital to sub -section B - Special Exceptions. <br />SECTION 19. C -1A RESTRICTED COMMERCIAL DISTRICT. <br />(A) USES PERMITTED. In this District a building or <br />premises may be used only for the following purposes: - <br />(1) Publicly owned or operated parks or playgrounds <br />(2) Public buildings <br />(3) Commercial nurseries or greenhouses <br />(4) Country clubs and golf courses which are not <br />lighted for night play except for putting courses <br />and driving tees <br />(5) Residential dwelling (s) provided that they are not <br />the primary use of the lot and provided they are not <br />located on the main street frontage at the ground <br />level <br />(6) Motels, hotels, bars, night clubs and restaurants, <br />but not including drive-in restaurants or eating <br />places <br />(7) Offices, banks and financial institutions, theatres, <br />personal service establishments, fruit and vegetable <br />stands, commercial and private parking lot and <br />storage garages, grocery stores, drug stores, and <br />any other retail business or commercial enterprise <br />similar thereto <br />(8) Art and photograph studios and galleries <br />(9) Barber and beauty shops <br />(10) Shoe repair shops <br />(11) Laundry and dry cleaning pick-up establishments; <br />no laundering or dry cleaning on the premises <br />(12) Motion picture and live theatres but not including <br />drive-in theatres <br />(13) Tailoring, millinery, garment alteration and <br />repair <br />(14) Churches <br />(15) Libraries and museums <br />(16) Accessory uses and structures customarily associated <br />with and subordinate to the above uses, subject to <br />conditions expressed in Section 25, sub -paragraph (G) <br />