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i <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY ORDINANCE NO. 77- 10 <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, That Indian River. County Ordi- <br />nance No. 74-11 is hereby amended by the adoption of the <br />Standard Building Code, 1976 edition, as printed by The <br />Southern Building Code International, Inc., which Standard <br />Building Code, 1976 edition, is adopted by reference as <br />Indian River County, Florida Building Code with the fol- <br />lowing modifications: <br />1. Agricultural Exemption. Nothing contained in this <br />Ordinance shall be construed to apply to or affect building, <br />structures or appurtenances located outside the corporate limits <br />of municipalities and used solely for housing or storing agri- <br />cultural animals, supplies, equipment or products by person, <br />firms or corporations engaged in agriculture. <br />2. Liability. Section 103.7 is amended as follows: <br />The words "County Attorney" are hereby substituted for <br />the words "Department of Law". <br />3. When Permit Required. Section 105.1(c) is amended <br />to read: <br />"Ordinary minor, non-structural repairs not exceeding <br />in cost or value of labor or materials- the sum of one hundred <br />dollars ($100.00) or one percent (1%) of the assessed value of <br />the building for County tax purposes, whichever is less, may be <br />made without the approval of the Building Official and without <br />a permit; provided that such repairs shall not violate any of the <br />provisions of this code and provided further that this section does <br />not apply to plumbing or electrical work." <br />4. Form. Section 105.2 is amended by adding thereto the <br />following additional subsections: <br />"(c) Each application for a building permit shall bear <br />a current zoning certificate by the County Administrator certifying <br />that (1) the building site, front yard, side yard, rear yard, min- <br />imum floor and parking areas and (2) the building height and (3) <br />the setback from any raod, street or highway existing or proposed <br />in the county outside the limits of any municipality, as shown on <br />the application and plot diagram (see Section 105.4), comply with <br />all applicable regulations established by the county zoning ordinance <br />for the district in which the land is located." <br />"(d) Each application for a permit that involves the con- <br />struction, installation or modification of a septic tank or absorp- <br />tion field shall bear a current certificate by the County Health <br />Department certifying that said authority has or will issue a <br />permit authorizing the construction or installation shown on the <br />application and plot diagram or location sheet." <br />"(e) The Buildina Official shall not otherwise be in- <br />volved in matters pertaining to county zoning." <br />5. Plot Diagram. Section 105.4 is amended to read: <br />"The Building Official shall require drawings showing the <br />location of the proposed building or structure and of every <br />