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(12) Motion picture and live theaters, but not <br />including drive-in theaters. <br />(13) Tailoring, millinery, garment alteration and <br />repair. <br />(14) Churches. <br />(15) Commercial and private parking lots and <br />parking garages. <br />(16) Small appliance repair business. <br />(17) Printing reproduction and publishing. <br />(18) Marinas. <br />(19) Bowling alleys, pool and billiard parlors. <br />(20) Veterinary hospitals and hoarding kennels, <br />provided activities are carried on within <br />soundproof, air-conditioned buildings and <br />no outside animal runs are permitted. <br />(21) Business schools. <br />(22) Funeral homes, undertaking establishments. <br />(23) Automobile rental business, including truck <br />or trailer rentals. <br />(24) New and used automobile sales, mobile home <br />and trailer sales. <br />(25) Libraries and museums. <br />(26) Amusement or recreational uses, not listed <br />above. <br />(27) Gasoline service stations. <br />(28) Drive-in businesses. <br />(29) Automobile cleaning business. <br />(30) Fruit and vegetable packing houses, but not <br />including processing plants. <br />(31) Commercial fisheries. <br />(32) Residential dwelling(s) provided that they are <br />not the primary use of the lot and provided <br />they are not located on the main street frontage <br />at the ground level. <br />