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INDIAN RIVER COUNTY OIIDINANC'1, No. -73-14 <br />An ordinance relating to exceptional hardship allocations <br />of home heating fuels (kerosene and Numbers 1 and 2 <br />Burner Oils); designating a County Fuel Allocation Official <br />and prescribing his duties with respect to household <br />consumers and wholesale dealers to make deliveries <br />and requiring accurate records to be maintained; pro- <br />viding an effective date and providing further that <br />orders for deliveries shall not be issued after March 31, <br />1974. <br />WHEREAS the federal Mandatory Middle Distillate Fuel Assoca- <br />tion Program has been in effect since November 1, 1973, under regula- <br />tions promulgated pursuant to an amendment to the Economic Stabilization <br />Act of 1970; and <br />WHEREAS the federal program, with which the State is cooperating, <br />requires each supplier of middle distillate fuels to allocate and supply to <br />his wholesale custoiners or dealers of record the volume delivered or sold <br />them in the corresponding months of 1972 (or a proportional share if he <br />ti <br />has less available than in 1972), and requires each wholesale dealer to <br />treat all consumers (end-users of fuel) fairly and equitably; and <br />WHEREAS shortages in middle distillate fuels, including home <br />heating fuels, threaten emergency conditions and this County has a duty <br />and responsibility to cooperate with the federal and state governments to <br />alleviate to the extent possible all exceptional hardships which the citizens <br />of this County may suffer; and <br />WHEREAS many household consumers who purchase small <br />quantities of home heating fuels periodically may have unusual difficulty in <br />finding and purchasing the fuel needed for home heating during severe <br />cold weather periods during the current winter; and <br />WHEREAS the Governor of the State of Florida has urged each <br />County to identify and empower a county fuel allocation official or unit <br />to assist local consumers of small quantities of home heating fuel to <br />obtain a minimum necessary supply of fuel on a fair and equitable basis <br />_ and thereby alleviate unnecessary suffering and hardships: <br />