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SmeadSoft Reprint Date: Monday, August 12, 2013 - <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY 6 ' I I <br />*^ ORDINANCE NO. 71-2 <br />1 <br />An Ordinance to be entitled: <br />2 <br />An Ordinance establishing minimum blocking, minimum <br />3 <br />ground anchor standards, minimum tie down standards, <br />4 <br />and general requirements for mobile homes, modular <br />5 <br />homes and house trailers and providing penalties for <br />6 <br />violation, and providing an effective date. <br />7 <br />Be it ordained by the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River <br />- <br />Section 1. That, after the effective a i Ordinance, v y <br />10 <br />mobile home, modular home and house trailer occupied as a dwelling shall <br />11 <br />be blocked and anchored in accordance with the following standards: <br />12 <br />Section 2. MINIMUM BLOCKING: STANDARD <br />13 <br />1. Pier foundations shall be installed directly under the main frame (or <br />14 <br />chasis) of the mobile home. or travel trailer. The piers shall not be further <br />15 <br />apart than 10 feet on centers and the main frame, front or back, shall not <br />16 <br />extend further than one foot beyond the center line of the end piers. <br />17 <br />2. All grass and organic material shall be removed and the pier foundation. <br />18 <br />placed on stable soil. The pier foundation shall be a 16" x 16" x 4" concrete <br />19 <br />, ast-or- geure"ii place. <br />be 8" 8" 16" block, with <br />20 <br />21 <br />3. Piers may constiucted of regular x x concrete <br />open cells vertical, placed abov.. the foundation block. A 2" x 8" wood plate <br />22 <br />shall be placed on top of the pier with hardwood shims fitted and driven tight <br />23 <br />between the wood plate and the main frame. <br />24 <br />Section 3. MINIMUM GROUND ANCHOR STANDARDS. <br />25 <br />1. Anchors shall be installed on both sides of the unit for every 12' of trailer <br />26 <br />length. There shall be a minimum of three, regardless of length, with the <br />27 <br />further requirement that one set shall be on each end. <br />28 <br />2. Anchors shall be of the screw auger type or of the deadman type. <br />29 <br />3. If screw augers are used, they shall be of no less than 5/8" hot dipped <br />30 <br />galvanized steel. Penetration to a depth of no less than three feet .with a <br />31 <br />welded eye on one end and no less than a 4" auger cup on the other. <br />- <br />14:40:05 - OfficialDocuments:5, Attacfiment Id 1, Page 1 <br />