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ORDINANCE NO. <br />77-35 <br />WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River <br />County. Florida, did publish and send its Notice of Intent to <br />rezone the hereinafter described property and pursuant thereto <br />held a public hearing in relation thereto, at which parties in <br />interest and citizens were heard: NOW, THEREFORE, <br />BE IT ORDAINED by the Board of County Commissioners of Indian <br />River County, Florida, that the Zoning Ordinance of Indian River <br />County, Florida, and the accompanying Zoning Map, be amended as' <br />follows: <br />1. That the Zoning Map be changed in order that the follow- <br />ing property owned by E.M. Silverstein, represented by Dana Howard, <br />of Carter Associates, Inc., situated in Indian River County, Florida, <br />to -wit: <br />PARCEL I That part of Government Lots 6 and 7 Section 25 <br />Township 30 South, Range 38 East, described as follows: Begin <br />at intersection of South line of Lot 7 of Section 25, Township <br />30 South, Range 38 East, and the West Right -of -Way line of the <br />Old Dixie Highway, go West along the South line of Lot 7 for <br />950.52 feet to a pipe (said distance considering a 50 foot Right - <br />of -Way for Old Dixie Highway which on the diagonal would be <br />greater); thence run Northerly on an interior angle of 89 degrees <br />32' with said first line 879.12 feet to a pipe (referred to as <br />pipe #2); thence Northeasterly 524.6 feet to the Northeasterly <br />corner of North Central Avenue S/D recorded on Plat Book 2, .page <br />68-A. Indian River County Records; thence southeasterly along the <br />West Right -or -Way line of Old Dixie Highway to point of beginning <br />(said third line at pipe referred to as pipe #2 being on an interior <br />angle of 106 degrees 09' with said second line) being the same land <br />as shown on Plat Book 2, page 68-A but being now described by a more <br />exact survey and being the same land as conveyed by Deed Book 39, <br />Page 370, Indian River County records and Deed Book 39, page 469, <br />Indian River County Records but being described by a more exact <br />survey (Deed Book 39, page 370 having been based on a 30 foot Right - <br />of -Way for Old Dixie Highway) being 16.02 acres more or less. Less <br />Lot 10, Block Number 1, Ocean View Subdivision, and Lot 1 and the <br />North 57.87 feet of Lot 2 of J.A. Hudson Subdivision, according to <br />Plat of survey made by R.B. Burchfield, now of record, in Brevard <br />County, Florida, in Deed Book EE, page 600, lying West of the West <br />right-of-way of Old Dixie Highway, less the West 280 feet lying East <br />of new U.S. Highway Number 1. <br />LESS: Start on West Right -of -Way line Old Dixie Highway (50• <br />feet in width) on North line of •Lot 1, J.A. Hudson S/D; thence <br />run Southeasterly along West Right -of -Way line of Old Dixie Highway <br />38.46 feet for point of beginning; thence run Southeasterly along - <br />the West Right -of -Way line of Old Dixie Highway to a point 57.87 <br />feet due South of North line of Lot 2, J.A. Hudson S/D distance ofi <br />254.19 feet; thence run West on South line of North 57.87 feet of <br />Lot 2, J.A. Hudson S/D 211 feet; thence Northwesterly on an interior <br />angle of 107 degrees 45' a distance of 243.71 feet to a pipe which is <br />35 feet due South of North line of Lot 1 J.A. Hudson S/D; thence <br />East to point of beginning on a line 35 feet due South of North line <br />of Lot 1, J.A. Hudson S/D. <br />