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...,_ _� DEER: .... ....._ - -• .�., . � .'� • .. , _ 9..�. • w � <br />A person, or his agent, who undertakes the activities covered <br />by these regulations, particularly the Preparation of a sub- <br />division plat showina the layout of the land and the public <br />improvements involved therein. inasmuch a•s the subdivision. <br />plat is merely a•necessary means to the, end ofassurino a <br />i <br />Satisfactory development the term "developer* s intended to <br />include the term "subdivider," even though the persons involved <br />in successive stages of the Project may vary. <br />EASEMENT: <br />A right-of-way granted for limited use of 6rivate property. <br />LOT: <br />A tract or parcel of land identified as a single unit in a <br />subdivision, and intended for transfer or ownership, use or <br />improvement. <br />LOT DEPTH: <br />The mean horizontal distance between the front and rear lines <br />of a lot. <br />LOT' WIDTH: <br />The horizoatal distance between the t4de-lines of a lot at <br />the setback line, or at the front lot line where no front <br />setback is required. (NOTE: See figure 5, Appendix for <br />example) <br />HALF OR PARTIAL STREET: <br />A street, generally parallel .and adjacent to the boundary line <br />of a tract, having a lesser right-of-way width than required <br />for a full width street of thetypeinvolved. <br />P.R.M::. <br />Means a permanent reference monument, which consists of a <br />metal rod a minimum of twenty-four. inches lona or a one and <br />one half inch minimum diameter metal pine a minimum of twenty <br />inches long, either of which shall be encased in a solid block <br />of concrete or set in natural bedrock a minimum of six inches <br />in diameter, and extendino a minimum of eighteen inches below <br />the top of the monument, or a concrete monument four inclies by <br />four inches, a minimum of twenty-four inches lonn, with the <br />point of reference_ marked thereon. A metal cap marker, with <br />the point of reference marked thereon, shall bear the registra- <br />tion number of the surveyor certifyinq the plat -of record, and <br />the letters "P.R.M." shall be placed in the top of the monument. <br />P.C.P.: <br />Shall mean Permanent Control Points, each of which shall con- <br />sist of a Nail in a Disc (Disc -stamped with Surveyor's Regis- <br />tration number perferred), iron Pipe, brass -marker or iron <br />• pin. <br />IMPROVEMENTS, PUBLIC: <br />Any of the followinq: street Pavement, with or without curbs <br />and gutters; sidewalks, alley navement; walkway pavement; <br />water system mains.; sanitary sewers system; storm drains <br />system; street name signs; street trees; Permanent Reference <br />Monuments (PRM); Permanent Control Points (PCP); Bicycle Paths. <br />'MASTER PLAN: <br />A comprehensive plan prepared by the County Commissioners <br />which indicates the veneral locations recommended for the <br />,"various functional classes of Public works, places and struc- <br />tures and for the neneral Physical development of Indian River <br />County. Florida and includes any unit or part of such plan <br />Separately'Nted and any amendment to such plan or parts <br />