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Fr NOV 4 1981 BOOK 48 PA G <br />veteran population, and the state is now gaining an <br />estimated 5,000 new veterans and other eligibles every <br />month. Mr. Cook stated that they have been successful with <br />8.9.50 of their appeals to the Veterans Administration; the <br />national average is 22%. They are proud of this record and <br />would like to be able to maintain it. <br />Mr. Cook then listed in detail the various activities <br />he would have to curtail in the event a third man is not <br />approved. These included such things as writing in the DAV <br />Newsletter; writing the Veteran's Corner for the Press <br />Journal; giving talks for fraternal groups and broadcasting <br />once a month; acting as guardian, fiduciary agent, <br />custodian, etc., for various veterans or widows of veterans, <br />who are unable to manage their own affairs; free preparation <br />of income tax returns for veterans financially unable to <br />have this done for them; inter -county travel for veterans <br />unable to come to his office; and, in addition, Mr. Cook <br />stated he would have to close the office to the public on <br />Fridays in order to work on the backlog of claims. Without <br />the additional help, Mr. Cook stated that he only would be <br />able to render the basic services listed in the manual, and <br />he did not want to terminate any of what he considered <br />needed assistance. <br />Commissioner Scurlock questioned services rendered by <br />Mr. Cook for veterans outside of Indian River County and <br />also the free preparation of federal income tax returns. <br />Mr. Cook stated that he tries to render service to the <br />veterans the same way he would wish his own family to be <br />taken care of. In regard to helping veterans from other <br />counties, he explained that there are veterans who do not <br />want to discuss their disabilities with a female service <br />officer in Fort Pierce, and he helps any veteran who comes <br />to his office no matter where they come from. <br />Albert Dilallian, the person who had raised the <br />objections to having the third member added to the Veterans <br />2 <br />