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(d) involves impervious structures, such as drive- <br />ways, parking, sidewalks that, after completion, do <br />not exceed the lesser of fifteen percent (15%) of the <br />existing area or 20 parking spaces. <br />3. All applications for minor site plans must be submitted <br />in the form similar to that as required in Section 23, sub -section <br />4-F, Indian River County Ordinance 71-3, as amended, subject to <br />the Planning and Zoning Department waiving the requirements for <br />such information as shall not be deemed necessary for the <br />particular application. The application shall be filed no later <br />than seven (7) working days prior to the Friday preceding the - <br />Planning and Zoning Commission meeting next scheduled. The Planning <br />and Zoning Department shall either approve or disapprove the minor <br />site plan application as filed. In the event of approval by the <br />Planning and Zoning Department, the matter will be placed on the <br />Planning and Zoning Commission Agenda for a summary approval. <br />Summary approval shall be granted a recommended minor site plan <br />unless the Planning and Zoning Commission determines special <br />conditions exist that warrant the applicant filing an expanded <br />application for site plan approval pursuant to Section 23 of <br />Indian River County Ordinance 71-3, as amended. In the event <br />of disapproval of the submitted minor site plan by the Planning <br />and Zoning Department, the applicant shall have the right to <br />appeal the disapproval to the Planning and Zoning Commission at <br />the next scheduled regularly called meeting. In the event of <br />disapproval by the Planning and Zoning Commission, the applicant <br />shall have the right of appeal as provided in Section 23 of Indian <br />River County Ordinance 71-3, as amended. <br />THIS ORDINANCE SHALL BECOME EFFECTIVE ON THE 28th DAY <br />OF January , 1980. <br />STATE OF FLORIDA <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT THIS IS <br />A TRUE AND CORRECT COPY OF <br />THE ORIGINAL ON FILE IN THIS <br />OFFICE. <br />FREDA WRIGHT, CLERK <br />f3Y <br />'� l4 D.C. <br />DATE / - o�.S �0 <br />