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hearing it is shown that an active building permit has not been <br />maintained for the construction of a structure in accordance with <br />the approved plan or it is shown to the satisfaction of the Board <br />of County Commissioners that construction at a level indicating a <br />good faith effort to proceed with the completion of the project <br />has not occurred for a continuous period of six (6) months, unless <br />the inactivity is attributable to the deliberate and scheduled <br />phasing of a multi -phase project which has been approved as such <br />by the County. This subsection shall not operate to invalidate <br />any site plan prior to the end of the initial twelve (12) month <br />period or any authorized extension thereof. <br />(2) Transfer of Site Plan Approval <br />(A) A site plan approval shall run with the land <br />and shall transfer to a successor in interest to the original <br />i <br />applicant upon written disclosure of such transfer to the Planning <br />and Development Division as to the identity of the successor. The <br />disclosure shall provide the full legal name of,the person or <br />business entity acquiring the interest in the property, the nature <br />of the interest, the address of the principal place of business of <br />the successor, telephone number, name and address of registered <br />agent if corporation, name, address and title of officers or <br />agents authorized to transact business with the County, together <br />with proof of authorization if other than president or vice presi- <br />dent or general partner, and the name and address of any new <br />design professional for the project. A transferee developer must <br />also assume in writing on a form acceptable to the County Attorney <br />all commitments, responsibilities, and obligations of the prior <br />developer, including all special conditions of site plan <br />s <br />approval. <br />(B) Failure to make the required disclosure and <br />assumption shall suspend all site plan and zoning approvals until <br />such time as proper disclosure and assumption is made. <br />(C) Transfer of site plan approval shall not toll <br />or modify the calculation of time limits set forth in paragraph 1 <br />of this section with respect to commencement or abandonment of <br />construction and following any transfer, such time limits shall be <br />-2- <br />