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19 -1981 .- - <br />48 PAK188 <br />INCUMBENCY CERTIFICATE <br />I, Freda Wright, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Indian <br />River County, Florida (the "County"), and ex officio Clerk of the <br />Board of County Commissioners (the "Board") of the County, DO <br />HEREBY CERTIFY with regard to the authorization and issuance of <br />$725,000 Capital Improvement Revenue Bonds, Series 1981, dated <br />October 1, 1981 (the "Bonds"), of the County as follows: <br />1. The names of the members of the Board and the dates <br />of commencement and expiration of their respective terms of <br />office are as follows: <br />Members <br />Term Began Term Ends <br />Patrick <br />B. Lyons <br />November <br />1978 <br />November <br />1982 <br />Richard <br />Bird <br />November <br />1980 <br />November <br />1984 <br />A. Grover <br />Fletcher <br />November <br />1980 <br />November <br />1984 <br />Don C. <br />Scurlock, Jr. <br />November <br />1980 <br />November <br />1984 <br />William <br />C. Wodtke, Jr. <br />November <br />1978 <br />November <br />1982 <br />2-. All of the above persons have duly filed their oaths <br />of office and such of them as are required by lana to file bonds <br />or undertakings have duly filed such bonds or undertakings in the <br />amount and manner required by law. <br />3. Patrick B. Lyons was duly elected Chairman of said <br />Board by the members thereof for a term commencing in November 1980, <br />and ending in January 1982. <br />4. I am the duly elected qualified and acting Clerk of <br />the Circuit Court for Indian -River County, Florida and ex officio <br />Clerk of the Board of County -Commissioners- of Indian River'County, <br />Florida; my present term of office commenced on January 6, 1981? and <br />expires on January 6, 1985; and I have duly filed my oath of office <br />and fidelity bond in the amount and manner required by law. <br />5. The corporate seal impressed hereon is the true and <br />only corporate seal of the Board. <br />-1- <br />