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SmeadSoft Reprint Date: Monday, August 12, 2013 - <br />1 <br />Ordinance 89- 22 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA AMENDING SECTION <br />25.1 REGULATIONS FOR SPECIFIC LAND USES, OF APPENDIX A, ZONING, OF <br />THE CODE OF LAWS AND ORDINANCES; AMENDING SECTION 25.1(V)(3) TO <br />MODIFY THE SPECIAL EXCEPTION CRITERIA FOR USED CAR DEALERSHIPS, <br />AND PROVIDING FOR THE REPEAL OF CONFLICTING PROVISIONS, CODIFICA- <br />TION DATE SEVERABILITY AND EFFECTIVE DATE. <br />NOW THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMIS- <br />SIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, THAT: <br />PART -1 <br />Section 25 1 00 (3) regulations for specifi -c I - <br />and i' <br />rAr, of <br />Appendix A, zoning, of the code of laws and ordinances of Indian <br />River County is hereby amended as follows: <br />(3) Used vehicle sales (Administrative Permit and Special <br />Exception). <br />a. Districts requiring administrative permit: Used <br />vehicle sales shall be allowed within a CH District <br />upon approval of an administrative perms as <br />provided in Section 25.2 and after meeting the <br />gtrirements-defi-ned-be-lo . <br />b. Districts requiring special exception: Used <br />vehicle sales may be allowed within a CG District <br />upon receiving approval as a special exception as <br />provided in Section 25.3 and after meeting the <br />requirements defined below. <br />C. Additional information requirements: A site plan <br />meeting all of the requirements of Section 23 which <br />shows the approximate location and maximum number <br />of automobiles to be accommodated on the site. <br />d. Criteria for used vehicle sales: <br />1. no such establishment shall be permitted on a <br />lot of record having less than ten thousand <br />11-0-,OIIO) c„gna— feet in A rt nicrrict Or <br />fifteen thousand (15,000) square feet in a CH <br />District. <br />xl ///XXX/f�k,�Q,�Adkk/ls�l�s�la��ld'/¢XXf�Xt¢¢�l�kkX�Ql�lil/�/�Ia�YY/X��¢ <br />tA�0A/kkkQk4kk/kvhNaWl00 /fX ¢ /WAAAMAI AN IVVVVY41 /x 0 d XYZ( X Y <br />WWI <br />2. All outdoor vehicular display areas and off-street parking <br />-------------------------------------------- ------- <br />areas shah have paved surfaces which meet the standards of <br />Section 24 (f)(1) or (2). For the purpose of this ordinance, <br />---------------------------------------------------- <br />vehicular _display areas_ shall -be paved _are_as_ where vehicles <br />for sale are ondisplay. ___Off_f_-_s_t_r_e_et parking areas _shall be <br />paved areasmaintainedfor-customer-and employee- parking.— <br />X31#a1/Xrd¢�1Y�tfXX�¢/,(XSY/t¢¢;`lx¢lXdtt /��`¢X¢�x�/XXX#1 <br />3. No vehicular sales _o_ffi_c_e(_b_ui_lding_) shal_1__b_e_ located closer <br />than twenty-five (25) feet to any property line except any <br />---------- -- ------------ -- -- ------------- ---- <br />property line that is abutting railroad right-of-way in which <br />-------------------------------------------------------- <br />case the structure shall not be located closer than ten (10) <br />------------------------------------------------------- <br />feet_-- Also, no -vehicular display ---- areas shall be located <br />--------------- <br />clOser-than ten (10) -feet to -any property line. <br />�I lllxK¢llsl�l�ld /kkkbAlld�d�/Y��ll�ll Xk�AXXi�Bbf�lld�lHkk�Q,�NQklrll��X¢� <br />X�XQ��-XX-X!¢QY�XXt�¢-xI�Q�Xt��l-QIXXX! <br />4. The site shall provide for separation of vehicular display <br />areas and off-street parking areas. <br />CODING: Words in type are deletions from existing <br />law; words underlined are additions. <br />12:11:15 - Officia]Documents:703, Attachment Id 0, Payd"17------- <br />