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-- <br />c <br />INDIAN FLIVilt OUNTY- ORDINANCE -TO. aS- 9 <br />AN ORDINANCB.:O.F_'TH:B BOARD OF COUNTY <br />COMMISCOUNTY, <br />FLORIDA=,'.'EX-TBNDING', THE PERIOD OF TIME <br />FOR THE PAYMENT OF IMPACT FEES UPON- A <br />SHOWING OF -HARDSHIP.., AM•ENDI-N.G SECTION <br />24-38(h) OF THE CO:DE�`OF LAWS ARD' <br />ORDINANCES OF INDIAN R-IV►ER,.COUNTY, <br />BEING SBCTIOti B, QEz1NDIAN *RIV,_ER _COUNTY <br />ORDINANCE N0 `84=18, 0`1R-- IDING= FOR <br />EXTBNS-IONOF.r-T.IME•PAYMENT', - INCLUSION <br />IN CODE; ' SBVERAOIL[TY - `AN_ D -B_F-F CT13tB <br />DATE. <br />NOW, T.HBRERO_RE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD <br />OF. COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, <br />that: <br />SECTION -1. <br />EXTENSION' OF TIME PAYMENT <br />Thv-ae©on-(t-para�raj-h of-Seaton-U-38(h),-being-Section8 <br />of Indian River County Ordinance No. 84=18 is hereby amended to <br />read as follows: <br />Upon a showing of proper hardship to the Commission, the <br />Commission may allow in its sole discretion payment of the water <br />and/or sewerimpact--fees In whole or in part over a plod a five <br />years at such interest rate to be determined by the Board. <br />SECTION. 2. <br />----TNCLUSI©�I:-[N ODB <br />This Ordinance` shall be., incorporated into the Code of <br />Indian River County and the -`word -"ordinance" may .be changed to <br />"section," "article," or other .appropriate word and the sections <br />of this Ordinance may be renumbered or relettered to accomplish <br />such purposes. - <br />SECTION 3. <br />SEVERABILITY <br />If --any- provtsion-A)f t1�1s ardinenoe�ar he applieotion <br />thereof to any person or circumstance is held. invalid, it is the <br />legislative intent that the invalidity shell not affect other <br />provisions or applications of this- S:eotion which can be given in <br />effect without the invalid provision or application, and to this <br />ems,-tWe provisions o-"-i-"-Section are deota ee— edvW able. <br />2013 - 12:40:53 - OffidalDocuments:7975, <br />