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ORDINANCE NO. 85-100 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, AMENDING THE <br />ZONING ORDINANCE AND THE ACCOMPANYING ZONING MAP <br />FOR THE PROPERTY DESCRIBED HEREIN, AND PROVIDING <br />FOR EFFECTIVE DATE. <br />WHEREAS, The Planning and Zoning Commission, sitting as the <br />local planning agency on such matters, has held a public hearing <br />anu :,ubseyuentJy made a recommendation regarding this rezoniny <br />recuest; and <br />WHEREAS, She Board of County Commissioners of Indian River <br />County, Florida, did publish and send its Notice of Intent to <br />rezone the hereinafter described property; and <br />WHEREAS, The Board of County Ce.--,issioners has determined <br />th tli_s rezoning is in conforr.a::ce •,-rith the Land Use Element of <br />Comprehcnsive Plan Of Indian Rine_- County; ac,l <br />t:HEREA:, The Beard of Cuunty Co-_:, ssioners ilas held aF utlic <br />,`1 pursu ant to this rezuniF.a --ecu st at <br />hic, [ a, t ies in <br />. ut..; <br />St - a11J citlLen were heard; <br />V)K, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINEDCounty <br /> iOneir; of Indian, Fiver County, Florida, teat the Zon:r,q of <br />t!„ follotiin.0 describes property situated in irciac River C, <br />i ' County, <br />I-Inrida, t,.. -wit: <br />THE NOPTH 112 OF THE NORTH 1%2 OF GOVERNMENT LOTS 7 AND t <br />SECTION 7, TOWNSHIP 33 SOUTH RANGE tiff FAST. Al.'- LANG NG41 <br />I YING AND BEING IN INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORID•.. <br />Pe changed from RS -I, Single -Family Residenti,: District to <br />RM -10' Dtultiple-Family Residential District. <br />All with the meaning and intent and as set tu:t}, and de- <br />sciibcd in said Zoning Regulations. <br />Approved and adopted by the Board of County <br />COnunissioners of Indian River County, Florida on this 18th day <br />of , 1985. <br />BOARD F 'OUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />OF DIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />B <br />A RICK B. LY h irman <br />Acknowledgment by the Department of State of the State f lorida <br />this 30th day of December 1985. <br />