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ORDINANCE NO. 89 - <br />real property included within the boundaries of this <br />municipal service taxing unit and subject to all provisions <br />hereof is described as follows: <br />All lands fronting on either side of <br />Roseland Road between Fleming Grant and <br />the West line of 0ld U.S. 1 (now Indian <br />River Drive), including all of the lands <br />East--o-f Avenue— Five— i -n -man Be-rgen—and <br />Hendry's Addition to Roseland, the plat <br />of which is recorded in Plat Book 3, <br />Page 39 of the Public Records of Indian <br />River County, EXCEPT Lots 10, 11 and the <br />Easterly part of Lot 9 in Block 1 of the <br />said plat. <br />All of Section 21 of Fleming Grant <br />EXCEPT—L6ts 17 (rough 20; ALSO EXCEPT <br />Tracts D, E, F and G in Riverwalk II, <br />the plat of which is recorded in Plat <br />Book 12, Page 36 of the Publ is Records <br />of Indian River County, Florida. ALSO <br />EXCEPT that parcel lying partly within <br />Tract A of the Van Bergen and Hendry's <br />Addition to Roseland, described as <br />Commence at a concrete monument on <br />Fleming Grant line marking the <br />Southeasterly corner of Lot 14 of Town <br />of Wauregan. Then run <br />N 260 28' 14" W 734,23 feet to POINT OF <br />BEGINNING. Then run <br />N 480 0.7' 19" W 145.0 feet. Then run <br />N 410 52' 41" E 230.0 feet to a <br />non -tangent, point on a circular curve, <br />said point bears S 671 48' 31" W <br />11,459.20 feet from radius point, said <br />point also lying on Westerly <br />right-of-way line of U.S. Highway No. 1, <br />said circular curve being concave to the <br />Northeast. Thence Southeasterly along <br />the West right-of-way of U.S. Highway <br />No, 1, traveling along said circular <br />curve for an arc distance of 202.94 <br />feet, through a central angle of 011 00' <br />53". Then run <br />5-56-0 5-2-'-4-1"- 147 2 fe2fto—POfNT-OF <br />BEGINNING (O.R. Book 706, Page 1014). <br />ALSO EXCEPT any parcel lying between the <br />Easterly line of the present U.S. <br />Highway No. 1 and the Easterly I ine of <br />the said Section 21 of Fleming Grant. <br />SECT?ONrtr---urpose: <br />a. This municipal service taxing unit is created <br />for the purpose of providing street lighting at reasonable, <br />2 <br />SmeadSoft Reprint Date: Monday, August 12, 2013 - 14:45:05 - OfficialDocuments:714, Attachment Id 0, Page 2 <br />