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s <br />SUBDIVISION AND PLATTING ORDINANCE <br />OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY ORDINANCE NO. 83-24 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, REGULATING THE <br />PLATTING AND SUBDIVISION OF LAND IN THE <br />UNINCORPORATED PORTIONS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY; <br />REQUIRING PLATS TO BE FILED IN CERTAIN CASES; <br />PROVIDING FOR; TITLE; ENACTMENT AND AUTHORITY; <br />APPLICABILITY; PURPOSE AND INTENT; DEFINITION OF <br />TERMS; UNLAWFUL ACTIVITY, EXEMPTIONS; PROCEDURE AND <br />REQUIREMENTS FOR SUBMITTING AND PROCESSING <br />SUBDIVISION APPLICATIONS; SECURITY FOR CONSTRUCTION AND <br />MAINTENANCE OF REQUIRED IMPROVEMENTS; IMPROVEMENTS <br />REQUIRED IN ALL AND SOME SUBDIVISIONS; DESIGN STANDARDS; <br />VARIANCES; PENALTY; INCORPORATION IN CODE; SEVERABILITY; <br />AND EFFECTIVE DATE. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY <br />COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, that; <br />TABLE OF CONTENTS <br />TITLE <br />PAGE <br />Section 1 <br />Title <br />2 <br />Section 2 <br />Enactment and Authority <br />2 - <br />3 <br />Section 3 <br />Applicability <br />3 <br />Section 4 <br />Purpose and Intent <br />3 - <br />4 <br />Section 5 <br />Definition of Terms <br />4 - <br />11 <br />Section 6 <br />A. Unlawful Activity <br />11 <br />- 12 <br />B. Exemptions <br />12 <br />- 13 <br />C. Affidavit of Exemption <br />13 <br />- 14 <br />D. Clerk to Transmit Copies of Deeds <br />15 <br />Section 7 <br />Procedure and Requirements <br />for Submitting and Processing <br />Subdivision Applications <br />15 <br />- 44 <br />A. Procedure <br />15 <br />B. Validity of Subdivision <br />not Meeting the Requirements <br />of this Ordinance <br />15 <br />- 16 <br />C. Pre -Application Conference <br />16 <br />- 18 <br />D. Preliminary Plat <br />Application and Review <br />18 <br />- 25 <br />E. Land Development Permit <br />25 <br />- 32 <br />F. Final Plat <br />32 <br />- 44 <br />Section 8 <br />Security for Construction and <br />Maintenance of Required Improvements <br />44 <br />- 46 <br />A. Construction Security <br />44 <br />- 45 <br />B. Maintenance Security <br />45 <br />C. Failure to Perform <br />45 <br />D. Release or Reduction of Security <br />46 <br />E. Security for Municipalities <br />46 <br />Section 9 <br />Required Improvements <br />-1- <br />46 - 47 <br />