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ORDINANCE 140. 90-10 <br />4/25/90 <br />pnot <br />LR -Planning <br />RML/vj <br />AN ORDINANCE OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA AMENDING SECTION <br />----4(A)-,---AGRICULTURAL DISTRICT, -OF-PPENDII--A—,—ZONING; GF THk <br />CODE OF LAWS AND ORDINANCES; AMENDING SECTION 4(A)(f) TO <br />REDUCE THE REQUIRED REAR AND SIDE YARDS FOR CERTAIN USES AND <br />LOCATIONS; AND PROVIDING FOR THE REPEAL OF CONFLICTING <br />PROVISIONS; CODIFICATION; SEVERABILITY; AND EFFECTIVE DATE. <br />BE IT ORDAINED by the Board of County Commissioners of <br />Indian River County, Florida, that: <br />SECTION .1 <br />Section 4(A)(f) of Appendix A, the Zoning Code, Indian River <br />County Code of Laws and Ordinances is hereby amended to read as <br />follows: <br />(f) Dimensional regulations. As provided in Table 4(A).l, <br />herein and Section 3(A).1, application of district <br />regulations. <br />TABLE 4(A): SIZE AND DIMENSION CRITERIA <br />A--1 ZONING DISTRICT <br />Regulation <br />Size <br />Unit of Measure <br />Maximum density <br />0.2 <br />d.u. per gross <br />acre <br />Minimum lot size <br />5.0 <br />acres <br />Minimum lot width <br />150 <br />feet <br />Minimum yard <br />Front <br />3015 <br />feet <br />Side. <br />30 /152 <br />feet <br />Rear <br />30 /15 <br />feet <br />Minimum floor area <br />SF <br />750 <br />sq. ft. per <br />dwelling <br />unit <br />Tenant <br />400 <br />Maximum building height <br />35 <br />feet <br />Maximum lot coverage <br />30 <br />percent of <br />lot <br />Minimum open space <br />50 <br />percent of <br />lot <br />1 As ptatlished , in section 3-(A)l(e) (3) (-f-), for, all lets <br />created after the effective date of this ordinance which are <br />adjacent to active agr_is_ulturaLoperations,--a11 yards—for <br />nonagricultural activities shall provide a minimum fifty -foot <br />setback or a.heavily landscaped twenty -five-foot bufferyard. <br />2 The minimum side or rear yard shall be reduced to fifteen <br />(15) feet for airplane hangers/garages for subdivisions which <br />have received special exception approval for airstrips. <br />SmeadSoft Reprint Date: Monday, August 12, 2013 - 15:13:08 - OfficialDocuments:660, Attachment IdO, Page 1 <br />