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ORDINANCE NO. 2013 - <br />and practicable on -location means, including economic and technological considerations, for <br />improving water quality, conserving water supplies and protecting natural resources. <br />"Chapter 85-427" shall mean The Indian River County Environmental Control Act, Chapter 85- <br />427, Special Acts, Laws of Florida. <br />"Code Enforcement Officer shall mean any designated employee or agent of Indian River County <br />whose duty it is to enforce codes and ordinances enacted by Indian River County. <br />"Commercial Fertilizer Applicator," except as provided in §482.1562(9), Florida Statutes, shall <br />mean any person who applies fertilizer for payment or other consideration to property not owned <br />by the person or firm applying the fertilizer or the employer of the applicator. <br />"Code" shall mean The Code of Indian River County. <br />"Environmental Control Officer" shall mean the Indian River County Environmental Control <br />Officer appointed by the Board pursuant to Chapter 85-427, and Chapter 303 (Part I) of this <br />Code, and his or her designees. <br />"Fertilize," "fertilizing," or "fertilization" shall mean the act of applying fertilizer to turf, <br />specialized turf, or landscape plants. <br />"Fertilizer" shall mean any substance or mixture of substances that contains one or more <br />recognized plant nutrients and promotes plant growth, or controls soil acidity or alkalinity, or <br />provides other soil enrichment, or provides other corrective measures to the soil. <br />"Heavy rain" shall mean rainfall greater than two inches in a 24 hour period. <br />"Institutional Fertilizer Applicator" shall mean any person, other than a private, non-commercial <br />4pplicator or a Commercial Fertilizer Applicator unless such definitions also apply under the <br />circumstances) that applies fertilizer for the purpose of maintaining turf and/or landscape plants. <br />Institutional Fertilizer Applicators shall include, but shall not be limited to, owners, managers or <br />employees of public lands schools, parks, religious institutions, utilities, industrial or business <br />sites and any residential properties maintained in condominium and/or common ownership. <br />"Landscape plant" shall mean any native or exotic tree, shrub, or groundcover (excluding turf). <br />"Low maintenance zone" shall mean an area a minimum of ten feet wide adjacent to water <br />courses which is planted and managed in order to minimize the need for fertilization, watering, <br />mowing, etc. <br />"Person" shall mean ani natural person, business, corporation, limited liability company, <br />partnership limited partnership association club organization and/or any group of people <br />acting as an organized entity. <br />F. IAtiomeylLindalG£N£R9LIResolwions&Ordinan tOrdinanc TenilizerModel Fertilizer Ordin e-1013(Fina/)(August 20).d— Page 3 of 9 <br />