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ORDINANCE 2014-010 <br />Use WGIC Overlay <br />Agriculture <br />Nurseries and garden supplies, horticultural and landscape P <br />Kennels and animal boarding P <br />Mulch products and services A <br />Services <br />Landscape services <br />P <br />Veterinary services <br />P <br />Commercial Construction <br />General building contractor/construction yard P <br />Special trade contractor P <br />Personal Services <br />Linen supply P <br />Carpet and upholstery cleaning P* <br />1p* <br />Dry cleaning plants <br />Auto Repair, Services and Parkin <br />Automobile parking and storage(paved surface) P <br />Body and paint shops P* <br />General automotive repair P* <br />Carwash P <br />Miscellaneous Repairs <br />Electrical and electronic repair P <br />Reupholstery and furniture P* <br />Welding P <br />machinery and equipment (maintenance, repair, and sales) P <br />-Heavy <br />Social Services <br />Job training services P <br />Wholesale Trade <br />Durable goods (not including demolition debris site, junk yard, recycling center) P <br />Non -durable goods P <br />Auto and home supply store P <br />Gasoline service station P <br />Automotive parts (used) P* <br />Boat dealer P <br />Recreational vehicle dealer P <br />dealer P <br />-Motorcycle <br />Automotive Dealers and Services <br />Automobile sales and rentals new and/or used) <br />P <br />Automotive fluid sales and services (other than asoline) <br />P* <br />Eating and Drinking Establishments <br />Restaurant P <br />Take out restaurant P <br />Drive through restaurant P <br />Fuel dealer P* <br />Marine -Related Commercial Activities <br />Boat sales and rental P <br />FACommunity Development\Gifford (WGIC)\2014UPDATE\6-3-14BCCWGICOverlayDistrictordinace.doc <br />