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ORDINANCE NO. 2014-018 <br />The Board finds that the "Whereas" clauses above are true and correct, and hereby <br />incorporates such clauses as the legislative findings of the Board. <br />Section 3. Amendment of Chapter 315 (Pain Management Clinics and Controlled <br />Substances). <br />Chapter 315 of the Code of Indian River County, Florida is hereby amended to read as <br />follows (added language is underlined, and deleted language noted by strikethrough): <br />CHAPTER 315. PAIN MANAGEMENT CLINICS, AND CONTROLLED <br />SUBSTANCES AND MEDICAL MARIJUANA <br />Section. 315.02. Definitions. <br />For the purposes of this chapter, the following terms shall have the following <br />meanings: <br />(1) Pain management clinic shall mean any publicly or privately owned facility: <br />that advertises in any medium for any type of pain management services; <br />or where in any month a majority of patients are prescribed opioids, <br />benzodiazepines, barbiturates, or carisoprodol for the treatment of chonic <br />nonmalignant pain; or any Medical Marijuana Treatment Center as defined <br />below, unless <br />a. The clinic is licensed as a facility pursuant to chapter 395, Florida Statutes; <br />b. The majority of physicians who provide services in the clinic primarily <br />provide surgical services; <br />C. The clinic is owned by a publicly held corporation whose shares are traded <br />on a national exchange or on the over-the-counter market and whose total <br />assets at the end of the corporation's most recent fiscal quarter exceeded <br />$50 million; <br />d. The clinic is affiliated with an accredited medical school at which training is <br />provided for medical students, residents or fellows; <br />e. The clinic does not prescribe or dispense mariivana or controlled <br />substances for the treatment of pain; or <br />f. The clinic is owned by a corporate entity exempt from federal taxation <br />under 26 USC section 501(c)(3). <br />F. Aiwmeylda',GENERAURe I,nom&Ordi...—Ordina ,PPo C1..c,Medim1Ma 2 <br />