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RESOLUTION NO. 9 9 - 0 5 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN <br />RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, APPROVING THE TRANSFER OF THE <br />CABLE COMMUNICATIONS FRANCHISE <br />WHEREAS, TCI OF NORTHERN NEW JERSEY, INC. ("Franchisee") is the duly <br />authorized holder of a franchise, as amended to date, authorizing Franchisee to serve the County <br />of Indian River, Florida ("the Franchise") and to operate and maintain a cable television system <br />("System"); and <br />WHEREAS, MEDIAONE ACQUISITIONS OF NORTHERN ILLINOIS, INC. <br />("MediaOne"), Franchisee and certain affiliates of MediaOne and Franchisee have entered into <br />an Asset Exchange Agreement dated October 9, 1998 (the "Agreement"), whereby Franchisee <br />has agreed to transfer to MediaOne or another direct or indirect subsidiary of MediaOne Group, <br />Inc. (a "MediaOne Affiliate") the assets of the System, including all right, title and interest of <br />Franchisee in the Franchise, subject to any required approval of the local franchise authority with <br />respect thereto (the transactions contemplated by the Agreement are referred to as the <br />"Transactions"); and <br />WHEREAS, MediaOne or a MediaOne Affiliate may, after the Transactions, assign or <br />transfer the Franchise to another MediaOne Affiliate; and <br />WHEREAS, to the extent the Franchise requires, MediaOne and Franchisee now seek <br />approval of the Transactions and have filed an FCC Form 394 with the County of Indian River, <br />Florida (the "Franchise Authority"); and <br />WHEREAS, the Franchise Authority has investigated the qualifications of the transferees <br />and finds them to be suitable transferees; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE FRANCHISE AUTHORITY AS <br />FOLLOWS: <br />Section 1. The Franchise Authority hereby consents to and approves the Transactions, to the <br />extent that such consent is required by the terms of the Franchise or applicable law. <br />Section 2. MediaOne, or such MediaOne Affiliate, hereby accepts the obligations of Franchisee <br />under the Franchise, subject to applicable law, which accrue from and after the date of <br />consummation of the Transactions. <br />Section 3. The Franchise Authority confirms that (a) the Franchise was properly granted or <br />transferred to Franchisee, (b) the Franchise is currently in full force and effect and will expire on <br />May 28, 2010, subject to options in the Franchise, if any, to extend such term, (c) the Franchise <br />supersedes all other agreements between the parties, (d) the Franchise represents the entire <br />understanding of the parties and Franchisee has no obligations to the Franchise Authority other <br />than those specifically stated in the Franchise, and (e) Franchisee is materially in compliance <br />with the provisions of the Franchise and there exists no fact or circumstance known to the <br />Franchise Authority which constitutes or which, with the passage of time or the giving of notice <br />or both, would constitute a material default or breach under the Franchise or would allow the <br />Franchise Authority to cancel or terminate the rights thereunder. <br />