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AM: <br />TUESDAY, MARCH 3rd 1931., <br />The Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian giver County, Florida, met <br />at the Court Douse in Vero Beach, at 10 o'clock A,M, Tuesdays March 3rd 1931, with <br />Albert O.Helseth, Chairman, <br />the following members of the Board present:/J.D.Yongue; J.w.LaBruce; J.J.P.Hamilton;: <br />Eli C.Walkerezzd Also present were Miles warren, Clerk and Clark B. Rice, sheriff. <br />The minutes of the previous meetings were read and approved. <br />It was ordered that the regular meeting date of this Board be set as the First <br />Tuesday in each month, unless provided by law to meet at other dates. <br />A petition signed by 37 tax payers of Roseland remonstrating against change <br />of line dividing fresh and salt water in the Sebastian River was filed before the <br />- a am <br />John V'd.E.Wheeler appeared before the Board regarding insurance on County <br />property. After carefully considering this, it was moved, seconded and carried <br />that insurance policies on road equipment be cut from 038,000.00 and to be as folio <br />South Garage........ 419000.00 <br />North Garage ........ @32500.00 <br />Stock & tools ....... 0 500.00 <br />and the insurance on the trucks and machinery be worked out by the Insurance Board <br />and the Road Superintendent. Upon being put to a vote the following voted ea: <br />ComI rs. Yongue; Hamilton s walker. .�. �Ay� o�� <br />l LaBruce and Helseth.� T was forth <br />ordered that all insurance be placed through the local Insurance Board. <br />it was ordered that the Clerk write the City Council a letter and request they <br />repair bridge leading across canal to County Jail. <br />It was ordered Mrs Daisy Barker, wabasso, Florida, be placed on the pauper list <br />temporarily in the sum of 415.00, and she be instructed to take up matter of alimony <br />due her from her former husband. <br />E.S.W.Holland appeared before the Board regarding sale of paint to the County <br />for County use. <br />It was ordered F.G.Fletcher repair Vero Bridges placing 206 creosote piling <br />approximately 3567 feet at 57je per foot being about §29033.19 total cost, which does <br />not include some extra expense for new stringers, etc., where needed. <br />It was ordered that the Road Superintendent order such Culvert pipe as is nese <br />from C.C.Daleyto be paid for as used. <br />It was ordered that the telephone installed in the Tax_ Collector's office be <br />accepted as a County phone and the County will pay for same from this date. <br />The bills and accounts against the County, having beep. audited, were examined <br />and found correct and warrants ordered issued in settlement of same. The said bills <br />and accounts being on file in the Clerk's office. The warrants so issued in settle- <br />ment of same being listed completely in the County Finance Record as provided by law; <br />reference to said Finance Record and the list so recorded therein being made a part <br />of these minutes as fully and completely as if the said warrants were set out herein <br />in detail. <br />The County Depository filed its monthly statement of accounts of the County,whic <br />having been check over were found correct. <br />s <br />There being no further business the Board adjourned until the regular meeting <br />in April 1931. <br />T TESTIL Chai rman. <br />C 1 e r . <br />: <br />UA <br />�h <br />1 <br />1 <br />I , <br />7 <br />