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FEB 2 2 1994 <br />660K <br />56 <br />RACE 202 , <br />Commissioner Lyons <br />that pitch and putt courses would <br />be <br />included in the development at Kiwanis-Hobart Park." <br />Commissioner Bird did not believe that he had been that <br />definite but rather had said that such courses would be <br />considered, and he asked that the Minutes be corrected <br />accordingly. <br />Commissioner Wodtke had a question about the fees listed <br />in the Fee Schedule on Page 49 for Horse Stables and Mining <br />Permits, and Atty.Brandenburg stated that the fee for a <br />Horse Stable permit is $25.00, the mining permit is $400.00 <br />and the mining permit renewal is $100.00. <br />Commissioner Wodtke pointed out that these figures do <br />not line up with the appropriate permits, and it was agreed <br />this will be corrected. <br />The above corrections having been made, On <br />MOTION by Commissioner Bird, SECONDED by <br />Commissioner Bowman, the Board unanimously <br />approved the Minutes of the Regular Meeting <br />of February 1, 1984, as written. <br />The Chairman asked if there were any additions or <br />corrections to the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of <br />February 8, 1984.. <br />ON MOTION by Commissioner Lyons, SECONDED <br />by Commissioner Bowman, the Board unani- <br />mously approved the Minutes of the Regular <br />Meeting of February 8, 1984, as written. <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br />Commissioner Wodtke requested that Items D and F be <br />removed from the Consent Agenda, and Chairman Scurlock <br />requested that Items G and H be removed. <br />2 <br />