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r <br />MAR � 9 1984 Bam 56 Pic€ 501 <br />Chairman Scurlock turned the meeting over to <br />Commissioner Lyons, Chairman of the Jail Committee, who <br />0 <br />introduced George Bail, President of Frizzell Architects; <br />Tom Pinkerton, Principal Designer; and Ray Stroud, Project <br />Architect from the Fort Myers office. <br />Commissioner Lyons explained that after it was <br />determined that the staffing requirements to secure the jail <br />proposed in the most recent plans prepared by PDR were too <br />high, he requested the architects to present another design. <br />Mr. Bail expressed his pleasure in having the <br />opportunity today to present an entirely new concept for the <br />design of the jail, which is the most staff efficient that <br />we have seen to date, and also the most compact and will <br />cost less to build than the previous plan. Before <br />presenting the new design, he reviewed the history of the <br />County's jail design. The original octagonal jail complex <br />was designed by Tom Pinkerton, Principal Designer, out of <br />Frizzell's Winter Park office. The feasibility study and <br />the primary report were prepared by Tom Pinkerton and Bob <br />Buchanan, Jail Consultant. Subsequently, Mr. Pinkerton <br />decided to go to work in Atlanta for personal reasons, but <br />still remained on Frizzell's payroll as a consultant. In <br />the meantime, Frizzell's office in Winter Park broke away <br />from the parent firm and became Pierce, Dorsey, <br />Rohrdanz/Architects, Inc. (PDR) Mr. Bail explained that <br />part of their thinking was that it would be best for <br />continuity if that office would continue managing those <br />projects which they had been handling up to that point. In <br />January, the Commission instructed the architects to cut <br />back on the scope of the project to meet the County's <br />possible financial arrangements, and PDR decided not to <br />include Mr. Pinkerton in the preparation of the new <br />schematics. That design proved to be inefficient from a <br />2 <br />