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EXHIBIT"A"TO SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL DISTRICT RESOLUTION NO.2008-001 <br /> [ATTACHMENT 2 TO SWDD RESOLUTION NO.9S-01,AS AMENDED JANUARY 06,2001, RESOLUTION 2004-001] <br /> SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL DISTRICT(SWDD)RATES AND FEES <br /> Fee per WGU Annual Disposal Charge or Assessment As Approved by the SWDD Board after <br /> Public Hearing <br /> Readiness-to-Use Fee Annual Minimum Disposal Charge per WGU as Approved by <br /> Per WGU the SWDD Board after Public Hearing <br /> Trash and Garbage Annual Disposal Charge As Approved by Resolution of <br /> the SWDD Board after Public Hearing <br /> Construction and Demolition Debris <br /> A. Clean Concrete Debris $3.00/ton $3.89/CY <br /> B. Non-Contarinated Debris $31.80/ton $7.70/CY <br /> C. Contaminated Debris $55.00/ton $13.31/CY <br /> D. Minimum Charge $3.00 <br /> Land Clearintt Debris/ROW Debris/Trees/Loos/Branches/Stumps <br /> A. Chipped/Mulched $18.00/ton $4.50/CY <br /> B. Not Chipped/Mulched/Whole Logs/Branches/Stumps $22.00/ton $2.75/CY <br /> C. Contaminated $55.00/ton $6.88/CY <br /> D. Minimum Charge $3.00 <br /> Yard Trash No Charge <br /> Contaminated Yard trash $55.00/ton $4.68/CY <br /> Contaminated Soils(Per approved Disposal Protocol) $5.00/ton N/A <br /> Dewatered Sludge minimum charge$7.50 or $15.00/ton $12.65/CY <br /> Animal Disposal or Incineration <br /> A. Small Animals(150 lbs.or less) $5.00/each <br /> B. Large Animals(greater than 150 lbs) $50.00/each <br /> Tires <br /> A. Auto $2.00/tire(maximum 4 tires) or $95.00/ton <br /> B. Truck $5.00/tire(maximum 4 tires) or $100.00/ton <br /> C. Heavy Equipment $20.00 minimum fee or $130.00/ton <br /> Contraband $160.00 minimum/ton or any part thereof <br /> Asbestos $140.00 minimum/ton or any part thereof <br /> Out of County Asbestos Not Accepted <br /> Out of County Garbage or Trash $60.00/ton $15.00/CY <br /> Special Waste Permit $50.00/ton <br /> Charge Account Application $5.00 <br /> Petition Filing Fee $15.00/parcel <br /> N.S.F.Checks As Provided by Florida Statute <br /> Vehicle Weight Tare/Gross $3.00/vehicle <br /> Uncovered Load $25.00/event <br />