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F - <br />APR 10 1984�+ <br />BOOK 56 PAGE 674:' <br />would neither support nor oppose annexation, but basically <br />would let the people speak. Chairman Scurlock noted that <br />when this action was taken, Commissioner Wodtke was not <br />present, and Commissioner Wodtke felt there was need for <br />additional discussion on this issue since we now are seeing <br />a great deal of opposition. Chairman Scurlock then <br />expressed concern about a suggestion that the agreement <br />which would require the future development of Round Island <br />Park to be in the hands of the county might be invalid and <br />asked the County Attorney if he had any change in position <br />as to the validity of that agreement. <br />Attorney Brandenburg emphasized that one of the major <br />reasons the County entered into the agreement to begin with <br />was because the only input an absentee owner has is whether <br />or not to consent to the holding of a referendum, and the <br />County recognized it was conceivable that the City could <br />annex its park whether or not the County consented, in which <br />event the County would have no assurance whatsoever that we <br />would not be hampered in our development of the park. <br />Attorney Brandenburg stated that he had assured the County <br />the agreement was legal and binding and that still is his <br />position; the City Attorney has indicated that is his <br />position also. <br />The Chairman asked the Board members for their <br />comments. <br />Commissioner Lyons wished to restate his position, <br />which is that he voted for the agreement and signing the <br />consent card only on the basis that we should not stand in <br />the way of the citizens having an opportunity to say yes or <br />no; he took no stand for or against annexation. <br />Attorney Brandenburg wished to note that although the <br />County signed and entered into this agreement, the County <br />can be for the annexation, against it, remain neutral, or <br />M <br />2 <br />M <br />