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Gifford Youth Orchestra — GYO - Applying For Funds From CSAC 2015-2016 <br />PROGRAM COVER PAGE <br />Organization Name: Gifford Youth Orchestra <br />Executive Director: Crystal C. Bujol E-mail: <br />Address: 8 Vista Gardens Trail, #102, Vero Beach, FL 32962 <br />Telephone: 772-778-5118 <br />Fax: call for instructions <br />Program Director: Crystal C. Bujol E-mail: <br />Address: <br />Telephone: <br />Program Title: Gifford Youth Orchestra <br />Priority Need Area Addressed: Out of school recreational activities and enrichment programs <br />BrifDescription of the Program: The Giffoiid Youth Oichestra is a cultural arts program with a core <br />focus on mastering stringed instruments: --Our children have weekly classes in learning to play the <br />violin, cello and viola, learning to read music, tutor other students, and perform before audiences. Our <br />slogan is — More Violins — Less Violence — Better Tomorrows. <br />SUMMARY REPORT — (Enter Information In The Black Cells 0 <br />Amount Requested from Funder for 2015/16: <br />Total Proposed Program Budget for 2015/16: <br />$ <br />$ <br />15,000.00 <br />70,500.00 <br />Percent of Total Program Budget: ; <br />2 1 3",„ <br />Current Program Funding (2014/15): <br />$ <br />- <br />Dollar increase/(decrease) in request: <br />$ <br />1 5,000 <br />Percent increase/(decrease) in request **: <br /># D) I V%0 •. <br />Unduplicated Number of Children to be served Individually: <br />40 <br />Unduplicated -Number of Adults to be served Individually: <br />3 <br />Unduplicated Number to be served via Group settings: <br />20 <br />Total Program Cost per Client: <br />1 1 1 9 05 <br />**If request increased 5% or more, briefly explain why: This is our first application to Children's <br />Services. <br />If these funds are being used to match another source, name the source and the $ amount: <br />The Organization's Board ofDirectors has approved this application on (date). <br />/7 <br />Crystal C.: Bujol <br />Name of President/Chr- of the Board <br />James Parks <br />Name of Secretary of the Board acting as./CPO <br />Signa <br />2 <br />