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e <br />1 <br />353 , <br />FRIDAY, APRIL 24th 1931.. <br />The Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River County, Florida, met at <br />the Court House in Vero Beach, Florida, at 10 o'clock A.M.Friday, April 24th .1931P <br />upon call of the Chairman, with the following members of the Board present: Albert 0. <br />Helseth, Chairman; J.D.Yongue; J.vl.LaBruce; J.J.P.Hamilton and Wli.C. walker. Also <br />present was Miles . Warren, Clerk. <br />The Chairman announced the meeting was called to consider moving the Court House <br />quarters to the i-,almetto Hotel. <br />Commissioner LaBruce offered the following resolution® <br />VIEEREAS,.Indian giver County has used as Court House quarters since the creation <br />of the County the up -stairs of the Seminole Building in Vero Beach, which building is <br />strongly constructed, adequately protected from fire, and by reason of its location is <br />well protected by the City Police force, and <br />WHEREAS, at the time of the creation of the County, due to the great activity in <br />all lines, rents for such quarters were extremely high, but the ability to pay was good, <br />and since the depression the rent has been lowered and better arrangements made, all <br />for the benefit of the County, and <br />WHEREAS owners of the Palmetto hotel building have offered to lease such building <br />for Court House quarters at a monthly rental of §125.00 per month plus City and State <br />and County taxes., which rent computed on the 1930 taxes amount to Rent U1500.009 State <br />and County taxes $327.50 and City taxes *264.00, making a total of 02,091.50, and, <br />VJHAS, the building now being used by the Court has recently came into the hands <br />of a Receiver, through Court proceedings, and such receiver has consented and agreed <br />to rent the quarters now being used for the sum of 4;150.00 per month or $1800.00 per <br />year, which will be a considerable saving over the proposition of removing to the <br />Palmetto Hotel building, and <br />WHEREAS it is the duty and obligation of the Board of County Commissioners to <br />protect the records of the County from fire or other destruction, and to use the ut- <br />most care and consideration in properly protecting said records, and should do so <br />regardless of cost, but in the interest of sound business, and <br />VIEEREAS said records can and will be more adequately protected by remaining in <br />the present location, and at the same time effect a considerabie saving in rent paid <br />out, and <br />VOMEAS, it appears the County will be put to some expense for alterations and <br />moving the records and furniture to the Palmetto Hotel building, and it appears that <br />the amounts incident thereto must and should be paid from the Incidental or contingency <br />item of the General Revenue Fund of the County, and it further appearing that both of <br />these items have become exhausted, and that this Board will be criminally liable and <br />subject to removal from office in the event this Board contracts for expenditures <br />in excess of the amount set out in the budget, <br />THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners that we accept the <br />proposal or offer of the Receiver of the .Seminole Building, few-wkieh-we-are on the <br />grounds it gives us better protection of records, for which we are responsible as a <br />Board, and effects a saving to the County over the proposition made us by the owners <br />of the Palmetto Hotel. <br />Such resolution being offered was lost for want of a second to the same. <br />At this point the Board instructed the Clerk to insert in the minutes the rate of <br />rent heretofore paid for the Seminole Building, now being used as Court House purposes,, <br />/I <br />