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4 <br />SECTION 00530 - EJCDC <br />of/0G/a.0isf <br />8.14- <br />(9.015 <br />1-1-02.015 - 00,2_ i4 <br />AGREEMENT BETWEEN OWNER AND CONTRACTOR <br />ON THE BASIS OF A STIPULATED PRICE <br />Bid No. 2015017 <br />12" Transmission Water Main Extension in Vero Lake Estates <br />THIS AGREEMENT ("Agreement" or "Contract") dated January 6 , 2015 <br />by and between Indian River County, a political subdivision of the State of Florida ("OWNER") and <br />Tri -Sure Corporation of Auburndale, Florida ("CONTRACTOR"). <br />BACKGROUND RECITALS <br />A. Pursuant to applicable provisions of Florida law, OWNER has selected CONTRACTOR to perform <br />certain work as more specifically described in the Contract Documents as defined in Article 8 of this <br />Agreement and the term is as set forth in the Contract Documents. <br />B. CONTRACTOR agrees to perform certain work as more specifically described in the Contract <br />Documents on the terms set forth in the Contract Documents. <br />NOW THEREFORE, OWNER and CONTRACTOR, in consideration of the mutual covenants <br />hereinafter set forth, and intending to be legally bound, agree as follows: <br />ARTICLE 1 WORK <br />1.1. Contractor as an independent contractor and not as an employee shall furnish and complete all of the <br />necessary labor, material and equipment to perform the work as specified or indicated in the Contract <br />Documents and per FDEP, the Indian River County Department of Utility Services and County Engineering <br />Department standards. The wok is generally described as follows: <br />The proposed work generally consists of furnishing all labor, materials, tools and equipment to construct <br />approximately 6,800 feet of 12" PVC and HDPE water main including gate valves, fire hydrants and fittings. <br />All work will include maintaining traffic control, complete restoration and all other appurtenant and <br />miscellaneous related items and work for a completed project. It is the intent of the Indian River County <br />Department of Utility Services to obtain complete and working installations under this contract and any items <br />of labor, equipment, and materials that may reasonably be assumed as necessary to accomplish this end <br />shall be supplied whether or not they are specifically stated herein. All work as shown on the construction <br />plans will be done in accordance with the Indian River County Department of Utility Services Water & <br />Wastewater Utility Standards, March 2014 or latest edition, unless specified differently in the individual Work <br />Authorizations or changed by the Engineer or his representative. The work is south of CR 512 on 106th <br />Avenue, then west on 94th Street, then south on 107th Avenue, then east on N 89th Street and S. 89th Street to <br />104th Avenue. <br />The construction of the utility improvements described above shall also consist of, but not limited to: resetting <br />of signs, mailboxes, and other existing facilities disturbed during construction; utilities exploration; <br />coordination with any permitting agencies; trenching; clearing and tree removal; dewatering; installation of <br />pipe, structures and all appurtenances; fittings and restrainers; soil backfill compaction; testing; (including <br />backfill and subgrade testing); road, landscape and driveway restoration; re -grading and grassing (sod); <br />mobilization, demobilization and traffic control. All right —of -way shall be restored to like or better condition. No <br />excavation shall be left open when work is not actively being performed. Construction fencing used in the <br />work area shall not block sight distance near intersections or driveways. All construction equipment and <br />materials shall be stored a minimum of 15 feet from the edge of pavement and shall be protected by Type II <br />barricades with flashing yellow lights. <br />00530-1 <br />