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Original <br />AGREEMENT TO PURCHASE, SELL, AND LEASE REAL ESTATE <br />BETWEEN INDIAN RIVER COUNTY .2015.01,1 <br />AND <br />RONEE SUZAN KING and STEPHEN ALLAN BLOCK, as Co -Trustees <br />under THE BENJAMIN BLOCK REVOCABLE TRUST —1999. <br />Each as to an undivided one-half (1/2) interest as tenants-in-common <br />(hereinafter called the "Grantee") <br />THIS AGREEMENT TO PURCHASE AND SELL REAL ESTATE ("Agreement") <br />is made and entered into as of the 20 day of January, 2015, by and between Indian <br />River County, a political subdivision of the State of Florida ("the County"), and RONEE <br />SUZAN KING and STEPHEN ALLAN BLOCK, as Co -Trustees under THE <br />BENJAMIN BLOCK REVOCABLE TRUST — 1999, who agree as follows: <br />WHEREAS, RONEE SUZAN KING and STEPHEN ALLAN BLOCK, as Co - <br />Trustees owns property located at 5030 26th Street and 5920 26th Street, Vero Beach, Florida. <br />A legal description of the property is attached to this agreement as Exhibit "A" and Exhibit "B" <br />incorporated by reference herein; and <br />WHEREAS, the County is purchasing right-of-way for the future expansion of 26th. Street; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, in order to proceed with the road expansion plans, the County needs to <br />purchase property to be used as right-of-way from landowners adjacent to 26th Street; and <br />WHEREAS, the County has contacted Ronee Suzan King and Stephen AIIan Block and <br />has offered to purchase the entire parcel as described on Exhibit "A" (the Property) and right-of- <br />way along the frontage of Exhibit "B" (the property), and <br />WHEREAS, the County is currently purchasing property/right-of-way from willing sellers; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, Ronee Suzan King and Stephen AIIan Block and the County wish to avoid the <br />risk, time and expense of litigation by entering into this agreement for sale and purchase of the <br />Property; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual terms, conditions, promises, <br />covenants and premises hereinafter, the COUNTY and SELLER follows: <br />1. Recitals. The above recitals are affirmed as being true and correct and are incorporated <br />herein <br />2. Agreement to Purchase and Sell. The Seller hereby agrees to sell to the County, and the <br />County hereby agrees to purchase from Seller, upon the terms and conditions set forth in this <br />Agreement that certain parcel of real property located at 5030 26t" Street (Exhibit "A") and right- <br />of-way along the frontage of the parcel located at 5920 26th Street (Exhibit "B"), Vero. Beach, <br />1 <br />