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N <br /> t <br /> S1 1NT11ElIE RDs3oR DOCUMENTARY STAMPS <br /> I D I .fie IJIMMY <br /> D RNiR�OC�Oo DEED S-7 0 <br /> NOTE_ <br /> RESOLUTION NO. 97-122 JEFFREY K.BARTON,CLERK <br /> c INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br /> 0 <br /> • <br /> A RESOLUTION OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY,FLORIDA,ABANDONING <br /> m A SO LINEAR FOOT PORTION OF THE EASTERLY 7.5 FOOT DRAINAGE AND <br /> > UTILITY EASEMENT OF LOT 9,PLANTATION RIDGE SUBDIVISION,AS <br /> o RECORDED IN PLAT BOOK 12,PAGE 46 OF THE PUBLIC RECORDS OF <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY,FLORIDA. <br /> c <br /> c WHEREAS,Indian River County has an easement as described below;and <br /> N <br /> v _^ <br /> o <br /> WHEREAS,the retention of a portion of said easement serves no public purpose; <br /> t- .•- <br /> z NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners of .r <br /> Indian River County,Florida that: <br /> W <br /> This release of easement is executed by Indian River County,a political subdivision of the <br /> (� State of Florida,whose mailing address is 1840 25th Street,Vero Beach,Florida 32960,Grantor, <br /> to Daniel J.Kabatt and Diane L. Kabatt, successors in interest, heirs and assigns, whose mailing <br /> address is 178 Deer Lake Circle, Ormond Beach,Florida 32174,Grantees,as follows: <br /> 0 <br /> n <br /> Indian River County does hereby abandon all fight, title, and interest that it may have in the <br /> following described easements: <br /> a 50 linear foot portion of the easterly 7.5 foot wide drainage and utility easement of Lot 9,Plantation Ridge o <br /> Subdivision,more particularly described as follows:commence at a point being at the SE corner of Lot 9, o <br /> thence W a distance of 26.07 feet,thence NW a distanceof 65 feet to the P.O.B.;thenceNW a distance of p <br /> 50 fat to a point,thence E a distance of 7.5 feet to a point,thence SE a distance of 50 feet,thence W a <br /> distance of 7.5 feet to the P.O.B.,according to the plat thereof,as recorded in Plat Book 12,Page 46 of the <br /> Public Records of Indian River County,Florida. <br /> Tax Parcel Number:31.33.4000006-0000.00009.0 <br /> THIS RESOLUTION was moved for adoption by Commissioner G i n n , <br /> seconded by Commissioner... Adams , and adopted on the 14th day of October, <br /> 1997,by the followipg�►b{�!.'.�s <br /> Comml'ssfoner Calolyn e--' ggert A y e <br /> Comn imioner Joan W.Tippin Ay <br /> Comnfissioner Fran B. Adams Ayp <br /> Commissioner Kenneth.R•. Macht Aye <br /> Commissi Fyoline D. Ginn _A ,e_ <br /> The Chairman declared the resolution duly passed and adopted this 14th day of <br /> October, 1997. <br /> BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> OF INDIAN RIVER <br /> /COUNTY,FLORIDA _ <br /> By <br /> .0 ~ <br /> Caroly . Eggert JJ <br /> Chairman <br /> K� <br /> Attested B . <br /> Deputy Clerk <br /> a <br />