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L <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />Thomas A. Vincent <br />C A. Li htsep <br />It Wes, ordered that the above report be accepted andappprovedeland after thirty <br />notice if no protest is filed same will be declared a County Public Road. <br />Following road committee report was received and reads <br />ROAD CONMITTEE REPORT* <br />le, the undersigned committee# appointed by your Hon. Body on the 7th day of Aprill <br />L931# with instructions to view and mark out the best route for a public roadp described <br />n the petition as follows, to -wits <br />Beginning at the S. V. Corner of Lot Four (4) Sec. 34 Tp 31 South, Range <br />i9 East and running South 2640 feet to intersection of Dixie Highway <br />peg leave to report to your honors as follows: That we,, after first having subscribed <br />V the oath requi ed by law before entering on our duties make this our general report= <br />That we proceeded to the said propsed location of the said public road on the lot <br />of July$12931 and view and marked out the following as the best route for said pro - <br />sed road. ( said road to be 40 feet wide )s <br />Beginning at the S. "l. Corner of Lot Four (4) Sec. 34 Tp 31 South# Range <br />East, and running South 2640 feet Jto intersection of Dixie Highway <br />THEREFORE, Having performed the duties required by law under the appointment of your <br />rs, we pray to be discharged. <br />Chas._ Kerse <br />.Chas Kersey <br />Thomas A. Xincent <br />T: A. Vincent <br />Ce A. Lightsa <br />S Lightsey <br />It was ordered that the above report be accepted and approved and After thirty days <br />tice if no protest is filed same will ,be declared a County Public Road., <br />The following Fee Officers filed their Semi -Annual Rep as follows <br />REPORT OF C. S. RICE # Sheriff <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />For the Six Months ending DECER 319 1930 <br />al Receipts for Six Months ending Dec 31 1930 <br />BXPFJM <br />ice Expensees Stationery' etc 270000 <br />,ries of Deputies, Nemess Lake R. Rymer 840.00 <br />mobile tires and repair 200.00 <br />and Oil 180.00 <br />t Receipts for the Six Months ending <br />TATE OF FLORIDA, <br />_-w, ---------------- 2037:32 <br />10147.32 <br />7 <br />-1 <br />Gas <br />'OUTJTY OF Indian River ) <br />a <br />I, Clark S. Rice County of Indian River State of Floridap do solemnly swear that the <br />Bove is a truer correct and complete report of all Fees$ Commissions or Remuneration <br />,eceived by me as Sheriff and of the expenses paid, or for which I have become liable' } <br />I <br />or.the Six months ending Dec 31' 1930. <br />O. S. Rice Sheriff <br />Sworn to and subscribed before me this Indian River County. j <br />,th day of July, A. D. 1931 <br />Mi le s Marren ' <br />SEAL) e Clerk Circuit Court <br />