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4.0,s "' <br /> WabAssoCausewayRcs.GSM(blt)3/16/98 <br /> RESOLUTION NO.98- 37 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY,FLORIDA <br /> FOR ASSISTANCE <br /> UNDER THE FLORIDA INLAND NAVIGATION DISTRICT <br /> WATERWAYS ASSISTANCE PROGRAM <br /> VA EREAS,the Board of COUDIX Commissioners of Indian Rive'County is interested in <br /> carrying out the following described project for the enjoyment of the citizenry of Indian giver <br /> County and the State of Florida: <br /> Project Title Waba ark Improve ants <br /> Total Estimated Cost_$374.862.00 <br /> Brief Description of Project: This oroiect ies that have been <br /> undermined by erosion construct a revetment Fo 'restroom bui;aina with a <br /> private loft station of sewer service, an outdoor chow r,security lightingexpansion and re grading <br /> of coauing 1 rerin'ng areas.and stormy>ater runoff control <br /> AND, Florida Inland Navigation District financial assistance is required for the program <br /> mentioned above, <br /> NOW THEREFORE,be it resolved by the Board of rm, ty Commissioners that the <br /> project described above be authorized, <br /> AND,be it further resolved that said Board of o my Commissioners make application <br /> to the Florida Inland Navigation District in the amount of—M-210 of the actual cost of the project. <br /> AND,be it further resolved by the Board of County Commissioners that it certifies to the <br /> following: <br /> 1. That it will accept the terms and conditions set forth in FIND Rule 6613-2 F.A.C. and <br /> which will be a part of the Project Agreement for any assistance awarded under the <br /> attached proposal. <br /> 2. That it is in complete accord with the attached proposal and that it will carry out the <br /> Program in the manner described in the proposal and any plans and specifications <br /> attached thereto unless prior approval for any change has been received from the <br /> District. <br /> 3. That it has the ability and intention to finance its share of the cost of the project and <br /> that the project will be operated and maintained at the expense of said oard of <br /> Coup v Commiccionerc for public use. <br /> 4. That it will not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color or national <br /> origin in the use of any property or facility acquired or developed pursuant to this <br /> proposal, and shall comply with the terms and intent of the Title VI of the Civil <br /> Rights Act of 1964, P.L. 88-352 (1964) and design and construct all facilities to <br /> comply fully with statutes relating to accessibility by handicapped persons as well as <br /> other federal,state and local laws,rules and requirements. <br />