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1 <br />f <br />adjourned until the regular meeting to be held in August 1931, unless sooner called <br />together by the Chairman. <br />AT : - - Chairman. <br />2 -PA <br />aLz <br />Clerk. <br />- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - <br />TUESDAY, AUGUST 4th 1931. <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida, met at the <br />Court House in Vero Beach, at 10 o'clock A.M.Tuesday, August 4th 1931, with the <br />following members of the Board present: Albert 0. Helseth, Chairman; J.D.Yongue; <br />J.W.LaBrace, J.J.P.Hamilton and Eli C. Walker. Also present were.mi-les viarren,Clerk, <br />and Clark S. Rice, Sheriff. <br />Commissioner Yongue returned warrant #3189 issued against the General Revenue <br />Fund for the sum.of $5.00 and same was -ordered cancelled. <br />Janes H Donaldson having died, it was ordered he be stricken from the pauper list <br />and Mrs. James H. Donaldson, Winter Beach, be placed on said list to receive the sum <br />of 010.00 per month until further orders of this Board. <br />It was ordered F.G.Fletcher repair the draw on Vero Bridge and make up estimate <br />of necessary repairs on decking and stringers for this bridge and report to the Board. <br />The Vero Beach Press -Journal was designated as the newspaper in which the Acts <br />of the 1931 Legislature shall be published. <br />The hour of 2 o'clock P.M.having arrived bids were opened for the re -oiling of <br />roads in Special Road & Bridge District Ido. 4, and other roads, if necessary, and the <br />following bids were submitted and read: <br />Faulk & Coleman, .2 gal. per square yard at 5X per square yard. .25 gallon per <br />square yard at 5*,e per square yard. <br />A.O.Greynolds, Inc., .2 gallon per square aivd at 4je per square yard and .3 gal. <br />at 5,' per square yard. <br />After carefully considering these bids, it was moved, seconded and carried that <br />the contract be awarded to A.O.Greynolds Company, Inc., on his bid of .3 gal.per square <br />yard at 5 per square yard, same to be paid for when work is completed and accepted. <br />It was ordered Wm. Yates, Fellsmere, be placed on the pauper list to receive the <br />sum of $15.00 per month until further ordered of this Board. <br />The several bills and accounts against the County having been audited, were exam - <br />fined and found correct were approved, and warrants ordered issued in settlement of same. <br />The warrants so issued, from the respective fonds, being listed completely in the <br />County Finance Record, as provided by law, reference to such record and the list so <br />recorded being made a part of these minutes, as fully and completely as if the same were <br />set out herein in detail. <br />The County Depository filed its monthly statement showing receipts and disburse- <br />ments of the various funds, which having been checked over were all found to be correct. <br />There being no further business on motion made, seconded and carried, the Board <br />adjourned to meet on call of the Chairman to consider the proposed budget for the next <br />ensuing year. <br />rman. <br />