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GRAPHIC SCALE <br />40 0 20 40 <br />80 <br />( IN FEET ) <br />1 inch = 40 fl. <br />LEGAL DESCRIPTION <br />Begin oti` a • point .280 feet West of the <br />Southeost corner of the Anno Gray Bottle <br />Tract, then run <br />North o distonce of 105 feet. Then run <br />West o distance of 50 feet. Then run <br />South o distonce of 105 feet. Then run <br />East o distonce of 50 feet to the <br />POINT OF BEGINNING. <br />Containing 5,250 squore feet, or 0.12 <br />acres. <br />Now lying in Indian River County, Florida. <br />West— 50' <br />//// <br />/ •-- <br />P.O. B. <br />COMIR <br />T.. <br />i <br />,1 T <br />or <br />AnnaS.E. CCrayner <br />Battle Tract <br />IIn 42ND STREET <br />CERTIFICATION <br />I. Charles A. Cromer. hereby certify thot I om o registered Professional Surveyor and Mopper licensed to proctice in <br />the state of Florida. thot this sketch was mode under my immediate supervision, and thot it is occurote and correct. <br />I further certify thot this sketch meets the Minimum Technical stondords as described in Chopter 61G17 of the Florida <br />Administrotive Code. pursuant to F.S. Chopter 472. <br />2.7.Jv44, Z000 <br />Charles A. Cromer. P.S.M. Reg. 14094 <br />Indian River County Surveyor <br />1840 25th Street. Vero Beoch, FL 32960 <br />(561) 567-8000 <br />Dote <br />THIS IS NOT A SURVEY <br />SKETCH TO ACCOMPANY LEGAL DESCRIPTION <br />PREPARED FOR INDIAN RIVER COUNTY ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT <br />0 <br />DWG. FILE; 42ST.DWG <br />