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1/1•/ff (epe\rrtr�Nw\Vk /• � � 9� <br />RESOLUTION NO. 98-_Jj <br />A RESOLUTION OF TO BOARD OF COUNTY COMISSIONERS or <br />INDIAN RIVER 00UNTY, FLORIDA, ANENDING RESOLUTION <br />NO. 91-31, WHICH ADOPTED RATES, nos, AND CHARGES <br />TOR THE DSPARTNENT OT UTILITY SERVICES =11VART TO <br />THE AUTHORITY OF ORDINANCE NO. 91-9, BY ADOPTING A <br />NEW RATE FOR LINE EXTENSION CHARGE/ FOR MATER LINES <br />AND A NEW RATE EQUALISATION CNAROE OF 6% FOR <br />NOR -UNINCORPORATED AREA CUSTOMERS. <br />WHEREAS, it is necessary that the Indian River County Departnwnt of <br />Utility Services enact a revised rate for line extension charges to recover <br />the line extension costs association with water Lines that have not been <br />assessed and which are available for service; and <br />WHEREAS, the Department also has recommended that an item be added to <br />the Schedule of Water and Sewer Rates, Fees, and Charges to be called the <br />"Rate Equalization Charge," which ■hall be for non -unincorporated area <br />customers and which will be set at a 6% charge. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OT COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, that: <br />1. The Schedule of Line Extension Charges for the recovery of line exten- <br />sion costs associated with water lines that have been installed but <br />which have not been assessed and which are available for service, <br />attached to this resolution as Exhibit "A," is adopted as an additional <br />rate to be added to the rates already adopted by Resolution No. 91-31. <br />2. The Schedule of Water and Sewer Rates, Fees, and Charges adopted for use <br />by the Department of Utility Services by Resolution No. 91-31 is amended <br />by adding the language and charges shown on Exhibit "A" attached to this <br />resolution relating to creating a new charge to be called a "Rate <br />Equalization Charge." <br />3. These changes shall go into effect on adoption of this resolution. <br />The resolution was moved for adoption by Commissioner Adams , and <br />the motion was seconded by Commissioner Eggert , and, upon being put to a <br />vote, the vote was as follows: <br />Chairman Kenneth R. Hecht Aye <br />Vice Chairman Fran S. Adams Aye <br />Commissioner Richard N. Bird Aye <br />Commissioner Carolyn K. Eggert Aye <br />Commissioner John W. Tippin Aye <br />The Chairman thereupon declared the resolution duly passed and adopted <br />this 2C. qday of January , 1995. <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />' INDIAN IVER COUNT FLORIDA inon ki,• G& Aforov(0 Oetf <br />A t*lti Amnm / <br />r. By <br />Ken et R. Macht Buugri <br />J Clerk * n Chairman <br />'' 1 - 1J, l_ . Devi (� �:rr.. J Risk Mgr. <br />