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i <br />IN THE RECORD" 0 <br />JEFFREY K. BARTON <br />THIS INSTRUMENT PREPARED BYt CLEFOCCIRCUITURT' <br />CO <br />1~ N RIVER CO.. FHA, <br />William w. Caldwell, Esquire DOCUMENTARY STAMP <br />COLLINS, BROWN i CALDWELL, CHARTERED DEER $ /,3A T-. <br />756 Beachland Boulevard NOTE= <br />Post Office Box 3686 JEFFREY K. BARTON, CLERK <br />Vero Beach, Florida 32964 INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />Telephonet (407) 231-4343 <br />QTY DEED <br />This WARRANTY DEED made this /d l- _ day of December, <br />1994 between <br />TIMBER RIDGE, INC., A CORPORATION EXISTING UNDER T6E LANE <br />OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA <br />hereinafter called the GRANTOR, and <br />OF FLORIDA INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, A POLITICAL SUBDIVISION OF THE STATE <br />hereinafter called the GRANTEE, <br />WHOSE MAILING ADDRESS ISH 1840 25TH STREET <br />VERO BEACH, FL 32960 <br />('Grantor and Grantee- arm used herein for singular or Plural, the singular ahall include the Plural, <br />and any gender shall include all genders, as context requires.) <br />WITNESSETH, that said Grantor, for and in consideration of the sun <br />of Ten Dollars ($10.00) and other valuable consideration, in hand <br />paid to said Grantor, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, <br />has granted, bargained, and sold unto the said Grantee, and <br />Grantee's heirs or successors, and assigns forever, all that <br />certain parcel of land in the County of Indian River and State of <br />Florida, to wit: <br />The North 194.66 feet of Tract 6, Section 24, Township 33 South, <br />Range 39 East, lying East of the Indian River Farms Water <br />Control District Lateral "J" 160.00 foot canal right-of-way, <br />according to the last general plat of lands of the Indian River <br />Farms Company Subdivision recorded in Plat Book 2, Page 25, of <br />the Public Records of St. Lucie County, Florida; being more <br />particularly described as followst <br />Commence at the Southwest corner of Tract 3, Section 24, <br />Township 33 South, Range 39 East of the above mentioned Indian <br />River Farms Company Subdivision, (said point also being the <br />Northwest corner of said Tract 6); run South 89057152" East <br />along the North line of said Tract 6, 489.64 feet to a point on <br />the Easterly right of way line of said Lateral "J" 160.00 foot <br />canal riVht of way for the point of beginning; thence continue <br />South 89 57'52" East along the North line of said Tract 6, <br />835.40 feet to the Northeast corner of said Tract 6; thence <br />South 00'04130" West along the East line of said Tract 6, (said <br />line also being the West line of Whispering Palms Subdivision <br />Unit V recorded in Plat Book 6, Page 67, of the Public Records <br />of Indian River County, Florida.) 194.66 feet; thence North <br />89'57152" West along a line parallel to the North line of said <br />Tract 6, 771.14 feet to a point on the Easterly right of way <br />line of said Lateral "J" 160.00 foot canal right of way; thence <br />North 18'11152" West along the said Easterly right of way line, <br />204.95 feet to the Point of Beginning. <br />Parcel ID E 24-33-32-00000-3000-00002.0 <br />and Grantor does hereby fully warrant the title to said land and <br />Will defend the same against lawful claims of all persons <br />whomsoever. <br />A r 11fl'1 0%.) ,! r) — <br />C <br />COUNT► ATTORNEY'S ONCE <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />1940 251h Streef <br />Vero 8"C Florido 32960 <br />O <br />co <br />v <br />N <br />tO <br />�� <br />2 <br />CD <br />9 <br />oy <br />O <br />4- <br />CO <br />CD <br />