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2/9/95(reso\FIND)Vk <br />RESOLUTION NO. 95-24 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY 0014HISSIONERS OF <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, TO THE FLORIDA <br />LEGISLATURE URGING THAT THE FLORIDA INLAND <br />NAVIGATION DISTRICT NOT BE ABOLISHED. <br />MNEREAS, in 1990, the Florida Legislature directed that the Florida <br />Inland Navigation District (FIND) undergo a Legislative Sundown Review in the <br />1995 Session; and <br />WHEREAS, Indian River County has had an excellent relationship working <br />with FIND on local project implementation and feels the public would suffer a <br />definite negative impact if FIND were abolished; and <br />MHEREAS, FIND has provided and continues to provide support and programs <br />which are beneficial to the County; and <br />WHEREAS, the County has neither the staff nor the funding to takeover <br />providing these programs on its own; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THS BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, that: <br />1. The Board strongly urges the Florida Legislature not to abolish FIND on <br />October 1, 1995. <br />2. The Board encourages the Legislature to introduce legislation to <br />continue FIND indefinitely. <br />The resolution was moved for adoption by Commissioner Eggert, and the <br />motion was seconded by commissioner Bird, and, upon being put to a vote, the <br />vote was as follows: <br />Chairman Kenneth R. Macht Absent <br />Vice Chairman Fran B. Adams Aye <br />Commissioner Richard N. Bird Aye <br />Commissioner Carolyn K. Eggert Aye <br />Commissioner John W. Tippin Aye <br />The Chairman thereupon declared the resolution duly passed and adopted <br />this 7th day of February, 1995. <br />,�• ots � 1 <br />asyR� K; !1ertqW, Clerk <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br />BYQ Q <br />Fran B. Adams <br />Vice Chairman <br />.' •,.N :a A44���ad <br />d•rrn <br />.111, <br />e ;dl <br />kj�un;.a <br />urpt <br />Fisk Mgr. <br />U"'V <br />