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14 07, +1 9/1/Y8((r�a/aoQulnit. doo)Owj <br />• <br />RESOLUTION NO. 95- 2 9 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY <br />COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, <br />FLORIDA, DECLARING THE ACQUISITION FOR <br />ROAD RIGHT OF WAY OF A .29 -ACRE PARCEL <br />ON 28TH STREET WEST OF 88TH AVENUE <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, TO BE A <br />PUBLIC PURPOSE AND A PUBLIC NECESSITY; <br />AND AUTHORIZING THE ACQUISITION OF SAID <br />PARCEL BY DONATION, PURCHASE, OR <br />EMINENT DOMAIN. <br />WHEREAS, the County has completed engineering design for <br />paving 26th Street between 66th Avenue and Village Green Mobile <br />Home Park; and <br />WHEREAS, in order to construct a safe road the County has <br />acquired an additional 30 -foot wide right of way north of the existing <br />30 -foot road right of way along the one-half mile section, except for <br />the Frank Bates Grove property; and and <br />WHEREAS, the acquisition of a portion of the Frank Bates Grove <br />property for road right of way is essential to completion of the <br />project; and <br />WHEREAS, the aforesaid acquisition is in the best interest of the <br />people of Indian River County and is reasonably necessary for a <br />county and public purpose, to wit: for providing a safe paved road <br />for citizens utilizing this street; and <br />WHEREAS, for the aforesaid reasons and purposes, Indian River <br />County's acquisition of the fee simple absolute title in this parcel of <br />real property is necessary; and <br />WHEREAS, the specific parcel of real property that Indian River <br />County needs to acquire for providing the safe paved road is set <br />forth in attachment A; and <br />WHEREAS, there are no mobile homes on the properties sought to <br />be acquired. <br />that: <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF <br />COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br />1. The Board of County Commissioners hereby adopts and <br />ratifies those matters set forth in the foregoing recitals. <br />1 <br />