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no <br /> Q SSS- � • STA ZQ F4.QRIDA:DIPAAT61Et r F,,rR'A S 'T TIO <br /> I-#* DIVISION O`P ROAD bPERATIONS <br /> A a or 2 RAILROAD EI tt F T AGREEMENT <br /> GRADE CROSSING AND TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICES <br /> TRANSFER AGR F Twly <br /> (County) <br /> COUNTY 59CTION...,. UTt-u- Iry Jon rM STATIC ROAD NQ, COUNTY ...MS PARCCL&R/W JOS#4 . FAf14O_] <br /> $80 6150 612 <br /> MA <br /> THIS AG R EEM ENT, made and entered into this day of 198 <br /> by and between the STATE, OF FLORIDA DEPARTMENT F" TRANSPORTATION hereinafter <br /> called the DEPARTMENT, and <br /> a corporation organized and existing under the laws of <br /> with its principal=place of business in the City of <br /> County of S It. Jobs , State of -, hereinafter called the.COMPANY; <br /> and County, a political subdivision of the State of Florida, acting by <br /> and through its hoard of County Commissioners, hereinafter called the COUNTY., <br /> WITNESSETH, <br /> WHEREAS, the Legislature of the State of Florida in 1977 enacted Chapter 77-165, which in <br /> part, provided for the transfer of tax funds and maintenance responsibilities of certain public roads in <br /> the State from the DEPARTMENT to the COUNTY,and <br /> WHEREAS,S •ori 7 Chapter 77-1 (Fla. Statutes 335• td provided for transfer of Railroad <br /> Crossing Agreements and other agreements, hereinafter referred to as"Existing Agreements" in those <br /> roads to occur at the same time, <br /> WHEREAS, the parties wish to provide for the orderly transfer of such Existing Agreements, <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual undertakings as herein set forth, the parties <br /> hereto agree as fallovvs <br /> 1. The DEPARTMENT assigns all of its rights and duties in the Agreements listed in Exhibit <br /> "A" to the COUNTY. The Existing Agreements are modified only to the extent that the, COUNTY is <br /> substituted in place of the DEPARTMENT s a party to the Existing Agreements, and is subject to all <br /> rights and duties contained therein. Attached to the COUNTY counterpart is a copy of all agreements <br /> listed in Exhibit "A" <br /> 2. The COUNTY accepts they foregoing assignment and assumes all obligations and deities <br /> thereunder. <br /> . The COiNIPANY agrees to the: foregoing assignment and shall look solely to the COUNTY <br /> for the performance under the; Existing Agreements., <br /> . This Agreement shall take effect on the same date of the transfer of maintenance respon- <br /> sibility <br /> es.onility of the roads listed in FAhihit "A" from a DEPARTMENT to the COUNTY, <br />