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PARTICIPATING ADDENDUM <br />NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF STATE PROCUREMENT OFFICIALS <br />Automated External Defibrillators (AED) Contract <br />Administered by the State of Oklahoma (hereinafter "Lead State") <br />MASTER PRICE AGREEMENT <br />Physio -Control Automated External Defibrillators (AED) <br />Contract Number: SW60300 <br />(hereinafter "Contractor") <br />And <br />Indian River County, Florida <br />(hereinafter "Participating Entity") <br />Page 2 of 3 <br />6. Purchase Order Instructions: <br />All quotes and purchase orders should contain the following (1) Mandatory Language "Per NASPO <br />Contract # SW60300" (2) Your Name, Address, Contact, & Phone -Number (3) Purchase order <br />amount, monthly payment (if leased) and itemized list of accessories. <br />All Entities issuing valid Purchase Orders will be bound by the terms and conditions of the NASPO <br />Master Agreement including, without limitation, the obligation to pay Contractor for Service and <br />Equipment provided. <br />7. Individual Customer: <br />Each agency and political subdivision, as a Participating Entity, that purchases products/services <br />will be treated as if they were Individual Customers. Except to the extent modified by a <br />Participating Addendum, each agency and political subdivision will be responsible to follow the <br />terms-and;conditions_of.the Master Agreement; and they will have the same rights and <br />responsibilities for tfieir:purchases as the Lead State has in the Master Agreement. Each agency <br />and political subdivision will be responsible for their own charges, fees, and liabilities. Each <br />agency and political subdivision will have:the same rightslto.any indemnity or to recover any. <br />costs allowed iri the co•ntract for as <br />their purches. The'Contractor willt"apply the charges <br />to -each--,, :, <br />Participat'in'g Entity individually. . <br />This Participating Addendum : and' the Master Price Agreement number. )SW60300 <br />(administered by the State. of Oklahiomay together with it's;, exhibits, set forth the entire <br />agreement; between the 'parties with respect to,.. _the. subject_ matter of all,` previous <br />communications,-representations,.or agreements, oral or written, with respect to <br />the subject matter hereof. Terms and conditions inconsistent with, contrary or in addition <br />to the terms,, ancle conditions of this Addendum and' the. Price $Agreement,- together with its; <br />exhibits, shall not be added to or incorporated into this Addendum or the Price Agreement <br />and its exhibits, by any subsequent purchase order or otherwise, and any such attempts to <br />add or incorporate such terms and conditions are hereby rejected. The terms and <br />conditions of this Addendum and the Price Agreement and its exhibits shall prevail and <br />govern in the case of any such inconsistent or additional terms within the Participating <br />County. <br />