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WHEREAS, on March 3, 2015, COUNTY reviewed and accepted CONSULTANT's completed <br />services, detailed in a Strategic Positioning, Target Industry Assessment, and Action Plan, and also <br />approved moving forward with six action plan strategies recommended by CONSULTANT; and <br />WHEREAS, of those six action plan strategies recommended by CONSULTANT, conducting a <br />detailed target industry analysis is included in CONSULTANT's contract with COUNTY as an optional <br />item that CONSULTANT could complete at additional cost; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises and covenants, the parties agree to the <br />following amendments to the CONTRACT: <br />Revise Section 2. Scope of Services as follows: <br />Consultant shall perform, in a professional manner, the services set forth in Attachments to this contract <br />(Attachment A — Scope of Services, and Attachment B — Additional Services Accepted by County) which <br />outline the scope of services, schedule, and fee. <br />Insert an "Attachment B Additional Services Accepted by County": <br />Consultant to complete a Target Industry/Cluster Analysis report as detailed below <br />=:> :; -.,H <br />Task Description ` ` <br />rax .. <br />Submittal a to ;w <br />Investment.'. <br />- 4r . r.... <br />New Target Industry/Cluster Analysis Report: Part 1 <br />Starting without a bias on specific target industries, consultant <br />reviews all research conducted to date (quantitative and qualitative) <br />and performs an economic base analysis to which industries are <br />most prevalent in the county. This analysis takes the 2 -digit NAICS <br />code level and evaluates the size and growth of the industries over a <br />5 -year period and compares specific criteria with that of the region <br />(Brevard County, Martin County, St. Lucie County, and Indian River <br />County), state and U.S. Supporting data and analysis to be included <br />within the report. <br />8 to 10 weeks <br />from contract <br />execution date <br />$8,000 <br />New Target Industry/Cluster Analysis Report: Part 2 <br />Upon completion of the economic base analysis, consultant conducts <br />more detailed analysis of key industries and also evaluates industry <br />trends and assets of the county to determine the best industry fit. <br />Activities include preparation of specific target industry asset maps <br />and industry specific positioning statements for each target industry. <br />Supporting data and analysis to be included within the report. Report <br />provided to EDC and BCC. <br />8 to 10 weeks <br />from completion <br />of Part 1 of <br />Report <br />$8,000 <br />Total <br />$16,000 <br />F \Community Development\Users\EDplannr\Plans, Study's & Reports\Economic Positioning Initiative 2013-2014\Contract\Amendments\Modification <br />#1 to Agreement - Ady Advantage V3.docx <br />